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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Celestial Quartz Healing Properties.png

Celestial Quartz is also known as Candle Quartz and Pineapple Quartz.  It has a very strong vibration that works to align and clear every Chakra restoring us to a state of balance.  Celestial Quartz shines its light upon us bringing a sense of hope and comfort where we once felt lost and unhappy.  It opens our heart to love by helping to heal past wounds and remove any anxiety we have in our heart.  Additionally, it is believed to store Akashic Records revealing hidden truths and knowledge from our ancestors.  Despite its high vibration, Celestial Quartz has a grounding energy as well.  It is also known as a “Stone of Insight” connecting our conscious mind with our subconscious mind revealing hidden truths about the true nature of one’s self.  Lastly, Celestial Quartz is an abundance crystal.  It opens us spiritually and energetically to pursuing and receiving abundance in every aspect of our lives.

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