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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Chiastolite Healing Properties .png

A powerful protective stone, Chiastolite has been used since ancient times to ward off evil, ill wishes and curses. They believed the cross pattern in Chiastolite represented the four directions or four elements of astrology enabling the user to access their Akashic record that holds all their past life memories. Chiastolite is a transition stone, helping us cope with change on every level.  Dissolving our deepest fears and calming our troubled mind make Chiastolite an excellent stone for times when we are scared to face reality and deal with the situation at hand.  It has the ability to transmute conflict into harmony in every aspect of our lives! Mentally, Chiastolite emboldens our problem solving skills and strengthens our ability to analyze events in our lives.  It will help us attune to our soul’s true purpose clearing any feelings of guilt or shame we may be holding onto while stabilizing our emotions and fostering a safe, protective feeling inside.

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