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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Coquina Jasper CALLIGRAPHY STONE Healing Properties.png

Coquina Jasper has many different trade names, including Calligraphy Stone, Miriam Jasper, Elephant Skin Jasper, Cobra Jasper and Arabic Script Stone!  Coquina Jasper was named after the Spanish word for clamshells due to the fossilized remnants within the stone’s composition.  In addition to the fossilized shells, Coquina is composed of Iron and Hematite.  It assists us with our efforts to access the Akashic Records making it a great choice for past life work.  It helps us connect our Solar Plexus to our Third Eye facilitating new awareness to hidden talents and skills.  Coquina Jasper helps us connect with and make contact to our guides and our angels.  Like all Jaspers, it has a very protective and stabilizing effect that allows us to restore our energy levels and take a few deep breaths of relaxation!   Promoting clarity and insights, Coquina Jasper is an excellent stone for those times when things aren’t black and white and lucidity is needed to make a decision.

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