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We would be honored to help you design a piece for yourself, your soul sister,  sports team or group or loved one.  View some of the pieces we have done for others then click on the Word doc at the bottom of the page to get started!

Custom Orders

Custom Bracelet for Emily.png


Our client was looking for a Custom Bracelet that focused on specific healing properties of focus, confidence, willpower and determination.  We created this bracelet with those traits in mind!

Custom Necklace created for Kimberlyann by Soul Sisters Designs


Our client was looking for a Custom Necklace for her friend.  After our initial consultation we discovered she was drawn to pinks and pastels.  The client wanted the necklace to have loving energy, as well as an energy that would help with communication.  We settled on a double terminated Rose Quartz Pendant and added Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite and additional Rose Quartz beads!

Custom Men's Bracelets handmade for NaKeitha by Soul Sisters Designs


The client wanted to order a series of bracelets for her dear friend had been deployed as a member of the United States Military.  He has suffered tremendous loss in his life.  She wants to help him with the healing process and wanted the designs to reflect his need to heal his emotional wounds. In describing her friend she mentioned he was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so we decided to create a bracelet with that in mind!

Custom Healing Crystal Bracelet for Women's Leadership Group handmade by Soul Sisters Designs


The client is the next president of a Women's Empowerment Group.  At her inauguration she wanted to give two of the former president's of the organization a handmade bracelet to thank them for their leadership.  She wanted the colors blue and purple as they represent the colors of the group.  In addition, she wanted the bracelet to radiate strength, determination and empowerment.  We decided to go with Amethyst and Sodalite, along with Silver Druzy Agate and Matte Black Onyx.  For the charm, we went with the Spiral Goddess to represent the Divine Feminine energy and power of all Women.

Custom Women's Bracelet for a healer handmade by Soul Sisters Designs from healing crystal beads


The client wanted to surprise her spiritual adviser and healer with a custom double wrap bracelet.  She provided us with little information, other than the recipients occupation and the reason for the request.  She was confident that we could intuitively design the perfect bracelet.  It has been over 6 months and the client recently emailed us to tell us her healer still wears it everyday and felt an immediate attraction to the design.  She could immediately sense it was designed just for her!


Click on the link below to download our fillable Custom Order Request Word doc to your computer. Open the document and fill out as much information as you can.  Save the file and email it back to us by adding it as an attachment to your email!  We will review your request and contact you with any questions we have. 


***Please note, Soul Sisters Designs does not guarantee exclusivity on custom orders whose designs were inspired by the client, but are the product of our creativity.  We reserve the right to recreate any of our designs for any purpose we see fit.  Any designs provided by the client, in which we are asked to re-create, are those of the client and therefore not considered our intellectual property. ***

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