Metaphysical Healing Properties of


Fluorite is a highly protective stone that helps vanquish negative energy from the Aura, along with any outside influences that cause stress. It cleanses, purifies and dispels anything that disrupts our mind allowing us to focus and think clearly. In addition, it grounds us and leaves us feeling more balanced.     Fluorite enhances our intuition by linking our mind to the universal mind hastening our spiritual awakening and connecting us to the Divine. For our intellect, Fluorite is excellent at organizing our thoughts and ideas into concise, logical sequences enabling us to absorb and retain new information more quickly and easily.


Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set


Faceted Fluorite Dangle Earrings


Blue Coral, Angelite, Green & Yellow Fluorite, Sunstone, Rhodonite & Lepidolite


Yellow Fluorite, Labradorite and Howlite Double Wrap with Sun Charm


I am Connected to the Universal Truth That is Within Me Intention Set


Trust Your Gut Healing Crystal Intention Set


Rainbow Fluorite Adjustable Mini Gemstone Bracelet


Water Element Healing Crystal Grid Kit with Fluorite and Lepidolite


Coral, Angelite, Green & Yellow Fluorite, Sunstone, Rhodonite, Lepidolite Anklet