Metaphysical Healing Properties of


Kambaba Jasper, also known as Crocodile Jasper, is an exotic stone found only in Africa.  It contains three billion-year-old fossils of stromatolites.  It has an ancient and profoundly wise earth energy.  This energy harmonizes us with the cycles of the Universe and attunes us with the natural vibration of the planet.  This erases our worries, anxieties and fear leading to a calmer more relaxed demeanor.  A stone of growth, Kambaba Jasper encourages and guides us through our spiritual development by aligning us on our rightful path.  It strengthens the inner core of our being, fostering courage, endurance and stamina to persevere while on the journey to become the highest version of ourselves.


I Trust Myself to Make Good Decisions Healing Crystal Intention Set


Fire Element Healing Crystal Grid Kit with Kambaba Jasper and Obsidian


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