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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Nuumite Healing Properties

Nuumite is believed to be the oldest mineral on earth dating back 3 billion years.  It is often referred to as “The Sorcerer’s Stone.”  It is an empowering stone that allows us to see underneath the facades where we can gain insight and understanding into actions and words of our own as well as others.  Using Nuumite we can discover our hidden fears and regrets and guilt and shame that we have suppressed for so long.  It helps us release these trapped emotions and their toxic energy freeing us from constraints and manipulations.   A powerful grounding stone, Nuumite it attuned to the elemental forces of Mother Earth.  It is known as a stone of personal magic as the user begins to see their luck, intuition and synchronicities increase.  Nuumite aligns our subtle bodies and strengthens and shields our Aura.  It can protect against negativity in all forms, including those caused by electromagnetic pollution.  Nuumite encourages us to treat others with honor, dignity and respect.  It stresses the importance of fulfilling our promises and obligations that we’ve made to ourselves and to others encouraging us to be the person we were born to be. 

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