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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Prasiolite Healing Properties.png

Prasiolite is often referred to as Green Amethyst but it is actually a form of Quartz that with a green hue. It is connected to our Heart Chakra radiating the high vibrational energy of the Divine through our heart into our physical body.  Energetically, linking our physical body to our spiritual body unites us to our Higher Self.  It reminds us that all of us are connected to one another, created by the same Source, to be unconditional loving beings.  For those of us who may find it difficult to express their emotions, Prasiolite helps to ease their trepidations by promoting self-worth and self-confidence.  This in turn, removes fear allowing us to express feel confident and deserving enough to share our emotions with others.  Prasiolite bonds the higher vibration of Source with the grounding energy of the Earth.  Radiating a powerful healing energy that flows through the heart and grounds itself into the Earth, Prasiolite leaves us with the sense of renewal and positive transformation.


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