7 Chakras Double Wrap with Coconut Wood and Black Onyx

7 Chakras Double Wrap with Coconut Wood and Black Onyx


This handmade double wrap bracelet features healing crystal beads representing each of the 7 Chakras, along with Coconut Wood and Onyx. Each Chakra is represented by the following healing crystal bead (6mm):

Root Chakra- Red Coral (enhanced)

Sacral- Carnelian

Solar Plexus- Honey Calcite

Heart- Green Aventurine

Throat- Angelite

Third Eye- Lapis Lazuli

Crown- Amethyst.

The beautiful array of Chakra colors are separated by Black Coconut Wood Heishi beads (6x2mm, dyed/waxed). After the Chakra beads we used Onyx to center our energy and align us with our higher power for guidance and strength, along with additional Coconut Wood beads. As designed the bracelet measures 14" in length, but other sizes are available. It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

  • Healing Properties

    The 7 Chakras

    The word Chakra is the Sanskrit word for Wheel. The Chakras are the central energy centers within a person’s body.  Each Chakra spins like a wheel allowing energy to flow from the pelvic region where the Root Chakra is located through the top of the skull to the Crown Chakra. When in balance, the Chakras are open allowing energy to flow freely, but certain mental or physical conditions restrain the energy and cause a blockage in one or more of the Chakras preventing energy to flow as it should. Clearing energy blockages and re-balancing our Chakras can be done utilizing their corresponding colors, healing crystals, sounds, Yoga poses, meditation and breath work. With these techniques we can easily and effectively bring ourselves back into a vibrant and harmonious state! The names and colors associated with the Chakras are Root: red, Sacral: orange, Solar Plexus: yellow, Heart: green/pink, Throat: blue, Third Eye: indigo, Crown: white/violet.  The bracelet pictured uses the following healing crystals to represent each Chakra:

    Root Chakra: Red Coral (enhanced)

    Sacral: Carnelian

    Solar Plexus: Honey Calcite

    Heart: Green Fluorite

    Throat: Angelite

    Third Eye: Lapis Lazuli

    Crown: Amethyst


    Onyx is a strength providing stone that is highly beneficial in difficult times involving physical or emotional stress. It centers our energy and aligns us with our higher power for guidance and strength. Onyx wants us to be the master of our own destiny and it promotes the vigor, stamina and steadfast that we need on our journey. Onyx encourages us to learn from our past mistakes allowing us to develop confidence in our judgment and decision-making abilities. An excellent stone for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, Onyx wants us to focus on the important things in life. It fosters self-discipline and self-control facilitating our ability to manifest our greatest desires.

    Coconut Wood/Shell

    The coconut has a very hard exterior shell protecting its nourishing flesh and hydrating water. The outer shell of the coconut symbolizes our impenetrable ego that we have developed throughout the years defining who we have evolved into. While the soft editable fruit and water inside the coconut provides nourishment and fullfillment. It symbolizes our true, authentic self free of the protective barriers put in place by our ego to mask our vulnerabilities and flaws.   The coconut reminds us to shatter our ego and unveil our real, authentic self that is free from the restraints of the ego with confidence and self-awareness to be exactly who we were meant to be.