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African Turquoise and Matte Tigers Eye Men's Healing Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelet handmade by Soul Sisters Designs

African Turquoise and Matte Tigers Eye Leather Wrap Bracelet


This handmade leather wrap bracelet features healing crystal beads of African Turquoise and Tigers Eye (8mm).  We created this design by stringing beads onto Brass wire and wrapping the wire around Brown Leather Cord.  One end has a loop that our Pewter Flower of Life button with a Gold finish is inserted through to form the clasp.  The focal of the design is a trio of African Turquoise beads.  African Turquoise is the stone of evolution that encourages our personal growth and development.  In addition, it helps to ease mood swings, encourage acceptance and sooth feelings of emotional aggravation resulting in a more optimistic attitude towards life.  Alongside the African Turquoise are Tigers Eye beads in a matte finish.  Tigers Eye is a stone of balance that aligns our lower Chakras and harmonizes our Yin Yang energy.  It has the grounding, protective qualities of the Earth, along with the uplifting, motivating energy of the Sun.  As pictured the bracelet measures 8", but other sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.