African Turquoise, Onyx and Hematite Ankle Bracelet with Angel Wing Charm

African Turquoise, Onyx and Hematite Ankle Bracelet with Angel Wing Charm


This handcrafted design features healing crystal beads of African Turquoise, Onyx and Hematite(4mm).  We designed this bracelet to adorn your ankle and radiate positivity, love and light upon you.  African Turquoise is a form of Jasper found in certain areas of Africa that has a similar matrix to traditional Turquoise.  It is the stone of evolution that promotes positive change and transformation.  Alongside the African Turquoise we used the strength providing stone Onyx.  It promotes not only strength, but courage and vitality while also aiding to dispel negative energy from inside as well as the energy of others.  To keep you grounded, we added cornerless cubes of Hematite electroplated in matte silver.  We finished the design with a Pewter Angel Wing Charm to serve as a reminder your guides are always with you.  As pictured, this anklet measures 9" but more sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

Anklet Length
  • Healing Properties

    African Turquoise

    African Turquoise is the “Stone of Evolution.” It encourages growth and development to foster positive change from within. It opens the mind to new ideas and endless possibilities.  African Turquoise is a stone that inspires structure and balance to awaken one to their intended purpose. It pushes one to use the knowledge they already possess, while also enlightening one to the wisdom of others to help one become a better person for all of humanities benefit. African Turquoise is believed to help ease mood swings, encourage acceptance and sooth feelings of emotional aggravation resulting in a more optimistic attitude towards life.



    Onyx is a strength providing stone that is highly beneficial in difficult times involving physical stress or emotional stress.  It centers our energy and aligns us with a higher power that gives us guidance and strength.  Onyx wants us to be the master of our own destiny and it promotes the vigor, stamina and steadfast that we need on our journey.  Onyx encourages us to learn from our past mistakes allowing us to develop confidence in our judgment and decision making abilities.  An excellent stone for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, Onyx wants us to focus on the important things in life.  It promotes self-discipline and self-control facilitating our ability to manifest our greatest desires. 



    is extremely effective at keeping us grounded. When emotions run high or the stress of everyday life has you at your breaking point, use Hematite to balance these emotions and keep you grounded and focused on your goals. Hematite is a protective stone that eliminates negativity from our aura restoring harmony and balance. Hematite also stimulates our ability to concentrate and focus, enhancing our memory and organizing our thoughts. Promoting balance and harmony, Hematite helps us come to terms with our past mistakes and regrets. It persuades us to see them not as disasters, but as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.


    Angel Wing

    Angel wings symbolize peace, love and the link between the earth and sky or human and the divine. They are symbols of transcendence and liberation, as well as a symbol for loved ones past on or guardians up above watching over us.