Agatized Coral Earrings


These earrings are the perfect fall earring with their burnt orange and creamy beige color.  They were handmade using Agatized Coral (sometimes called Fossil Coral) beads in two different shapes.  Starting at the top we have flat oval shaped beads that were linked with Brass wire to another flat oval bead.  We then added the beautiful tear drop shaped Coral that was wire wrapped with a balled brass head pin.  They measure approxmately 2-1/2", but are extremely light weight with beautiful movement and flow.  Agatized Coral is actual Coral from the Ocean that has pseudomorphed into Agate.  The orginal markings of the Coral are still present and visible!  Each bead is unique, just as we are.  It has strong emotional healing properties, along with calming and soothing energy of the ocean.  Agatized Coral reminds us that while our transformation may seem slow, everyday do your best and you too will morph into the best version of yourself.  These earrings will be delivered on our signature earring tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Crystals

    Agatized Coral, also known as Fossilized Coral, takes 20-30 million years of ocean life until its creation is complete.  It begins when coral die off and the silica in the ocean water begins to harden.  The Coral then “pseudo morphs” into an Agate, since one mineral replaces another while keeping its original form.  The end result is crystalized pieces of coral captured in a stone!  Agatized Coral is an emotional healer.  It shows us the power love has to create change in our lives.  It can help calm our irritabilities and encourage us seek and understand universal knowledge that has been lost throughout the ages.  This is a perfect crystal for those recovering from a physical or mental trauma.