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Amazonite, Lepidolite, Pyrite and Onyx Healing Crystal Bracelet with Lotus Charm handmade by Soul Sisters Designs

Amazonite, Lepidolite, Pyrite and Onyx Bracelet with Lotus Charm


This handmade bracelet features healing crystal gemstone beads of Amazonite, Lepidolite in both light and dark Purple, Pyrite and Black Onyx. The focal of the bracelet is Pewter Lotus  Charm with a Gold finish. Alongside the charm Aqua Berry Amazonite beads (8mm).  Aqua Berry is a trade name for Amazonite of a higher quality in terms of color and purity. It shares the same metaphysical properties as Amazonite and exudes the same calming energy that helps dissipate stress and anxiety. After the Amazonite are two different shades of Lepidolite beads, the first is a lighter Lilac and the second a dark Purple. Lepidolite has been used as a mood stabilizer since ancient times due to Lithium being part of its chemical makeup. In addition, its calming energy facilitates deep emotional healing that removes stress and anxiety leaving us feeling more balanced and in a state of inner peace. Alongside the Lepidolite are faceted rondelle Pyrite beads (4x8mm). Pyrite is a stone of good luck, good fortune and abundance. It also serves as an excellent shield of negativity from all sources, including, negative energy we are holding onto within. We finished the design with Black Onyx in a matte finish (8mm). It centers our energy and aligns us with our higher power for guidance and strength. Onyx wants us to be the master of our own destiny and it promotes the vigor, stamina and determination that we need on our journey. As designed the bracelet measures 7", but other sizes are available. It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.