Amazonite, Norwegian Moonstone and Hematite Beaded Necklace with Lotus Pendant

Amazonite, Norwegian Moonstone and Hematite Beaded Necklace with Lotus Pendant


This beautiful, handmade beaded necklace was created with healing crystal beads of Amazonite, Norwegian Moonstone and Hematite.  It has such soothing vibes that will ensure you won't want to ever take it off!  We strung round, 4mm beads of Amazonite and Norwegian Moonstone onto beading wire that was attached directly to a gun metal chain with lobster clasp.  In addition, we added Hematite cornerless cubes (4mm) that have been electroplated in a matte silver finish.  The beaded portion of this necklace is 6-1/2" in length approximately.  For the Pendant, we added an open Lotus flower pendant made of Pewter.   The chain portion meaures 5-1/2" on each side for an overall necklace length of 18".  Norwegian Moonstone and Amazonite are both conncected to the Water Element.  They work to calm and soothe our emotions and instill peace and serenity in our lives.  The Hematite will do its part by deflecting any negativity from the Aura, while also keeping us grounded to ensure our emotional side doesn't take over!  This handmade necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Crystals


    Amazonite has a soothing and calming energy that helps relieve stress and irritation.  It dispels negative energy that one is holding onto returning them to a more balanced state.  When conflict arises, Amazonite will help you see both sides of an argument and help improve one’s verbal and non-verbal communication until an understanding is reached.  It also assists with alleviating worry and fear by calming the nervous system.  It is a great crystal for those suffering from emotional trauma.  On a mental level, it combines information from the brain with one’s own intuition raising the level of consciousness.   Amazonite is a great filter for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution.  Placing Amazonite on a computer, cell phone and microwave is said to alleviate the affects these types of pollution have on the mind, body and spirit.


    Norwegian Moonstone

    Norwegian Moonstone has a very protective and grounding energy.  Its strong connection with the earth helps us foster a deeper connection with nature.  Norwegian Moonstone is known to awaken our psychic abilities and stimulate inner visions allowing us to see the past.  It provides clarity and insight into any past life issues we’ve been holding onto subconsciously that need to be healed and released.  Additionally, Norwegian Moonstone repels negative energy from all aspects of our mind, body and spirit.  Once negative energy is repelled our Aura is strengthened and renewed!   Instilling patience, Norwegian Moonstone takes us on a slow journey of seeing ourselves through the lens of our higher self.  This helps us understand our true nature clarifying internal issues that can only be addressed when seen from a higher perspective.  Norwegian Moonstone can be a useful aid when we are in need of retaining new information and understanding complex issues. This opens new paths for knowledge to flow allowing us to be prepared to face any obstacles we may encounter. 



    Hematite is extremely effective at keeping us grounded.  When emotions run high or the stress of everyday life has you at your breaking point, use Hematite to balance these emotions and keep you grounded and focused on your goals.  Hematite is a protective stone that eliminates negativity from our aura restoring harmony and balance.  Hematite also stimulates our ability to concentrate and focus, enhancing our memory and organizing our thoughts.   Promoting balance and harmony, Hematite helps us come to terms with our past mistakes and regrets.  It persuades us to see them not as disasters, but as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.



    The lotus is a beautiful symbol of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The lotus grows in murky, muddy waters, yet it blossoms into a beautiful flower that appears to float above the water. Just as our lives can be murky, we too can be enlightened and rise above our worst moments in order to blossom and bloom until we reach our highest potential!