Black Pearl Beaded Necklace with Mermaid Pendant

Black Pearl Beaded Necklace with Mermaid Pendant


This handcrafted necklace features healing crystal beads of stunning Freshwater Black Pearls in both rice and potato shapes. Black Pearls, also known as Tahitian Pearls, are named after the French Polynesian Islands where they were originally discovered. They are naturally created by the black-lipped oyster, hence their color and name. The Pearls in this necklace are not wild-caught, but cultured, meaning human intervention helps the black-lipped oyster get the Pearl making process started. While they may be called Black Pearls, they are not actually black. They are actually a dark gray color, with overtones of iridescent blue, green or purple. The focal of the necklace is the mysterious and enchanting Pewter Mermaid Pendant. She is often referred to as the "angel of the sea" and offers her guidance and protection. In addition, she is connected to the Water Element and the Moon serving as a reminder to accept our emotions as they come and to connect with our inner Mermaid to trust our internal compass, our intuition. Alongside the pendant are a trio of rice shaped Black Pearl Beads that are approximately 5mm long. They are followed by Black Pearl potato shaped beads that range from 6-7mm in diameter. Pearls labeled potato shaped are semi-round but not perfectly smooth like traditional beads. Instead they have parallel striations around the center of the Pearl making each one unique! The beaded portion of this necklace is 10" in length and was attached to 4" of fine Stainless-Steel chain on each end, with a lobster clasp closure. The overall length as pictured is 18", but other lengths are available to choose from. This necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

Necklace Length
  • Healing Properties


    Pearls are known as a symbol of feminine perfection! They are formed inside shellfish like mollusks and oysters as a natural defense against sand, grit or other irritants. The shellfish excretes nacre, a crystallized calcium carbonate containing millions of Aragonite platelets, over the irritant to shield itself from it. As the layers of nacre build up the Pearl begins to take shape. Because they are created in layers, Pearls have an iridescent affect that creates their beautiful sheen, as well as a nurturing and protective energy. Pearls remind us when we are faced with obstacles or setbacks that we shouldn’t dwell on the negative aspects only. Facing and overcoming obstacles is when real growth occurs, just as the Pearl grows layer by layer as it overcomes each of its own. Pearls are connected and ruled by the Moon, a Water Element. They bring a calming, soothing energy that encourages us to go with the flow. In addition, they work on an emotional level to balance our moods and heal our negative thought patterns. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, Pearls enhance intuition and enlighten the mind as we seek higher wisdom and truth.




    Often referred to as the “Angels of the Sea”, Mermaids have a mysterious and enchanting nature. Connected to the Water Element and the Moon, they offer guidance, enhance intuition and remind us to go with the flow more often. They encourage us to dig deep inside ourselves to understand the source of our fears, anxieties and emotional scars so we can truly heal. Mermaids are often mentioned as the goddess of love and beauty as descendants of Aphrodite and Venus. This Divine Feminine energy emboldens strength and encourages us to look for magic in everything and reminds us we have the ability to overcome any obstacle in our path.