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Blue Opal, Blue Kyanite and Blue Lace Agate Healing Crystal Necklace with Chalcedony Pendant handmade by Soul Sisters Design

Blue Opal, Blue Kyanite and Blue Lace Agate Necklace with Chalcedony Pendant


This handmade necklace features healing crystal beads of Faceted Blue Opal (3mm), Blue Kyanite (3mm) and Blue Lace Agate (3x2mm), as well as a Chalcedony Shield Pendant (28mmx20mm).  We created the necklace by wire wrapping the pendant using Silver-filled wire to 1" of Stainless-Steel Chain.  Next, we wire wrapped a Blue Lace Agate, Blue Kyanite and Blue Opal bead to the chain and attached it to an additional 1" section of Stainless-Steel chain.  After the third set of beads were attached, we finished the piece with an additional 3-1/2" of chain and a lobster clasp closure.  As pictured the necklace measures 18", but other lengths are available.  Each of the crystals used in the design align with our Throat Chakra helping us express our feelings and emotions more clearly by empowering us to confidently, without fear, speak our truth!  The necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box 

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Opal

    Blue Opal is often referred to as Peruvian Opal. It is a stone of communication connected to the Throat Chakra that encourages us to speak our truth without fear. Enhancing our confidence and self-esteem, we begin to believe in ourselves and attract like-minded people into our lives. This confidence then stimulates our creativity in newfound ways. Blue Opal is also very soothing on an emotional level, easing our troubled mind and promoting a state of peace and relaxation.

    Blue Kyanite

    Blue Kyanite is a great crystal to work with if you struggle with communication. Its connection to the Throat Chakra encourages all forms of self-expression by instilling confidence and clarity empowering us to speak our truth. In addition, Blue Kyanite is also connected to the Third Eye Chakra transmitting its high vibration upon us to enhance psychic abilities, lucid dreaming and astral travel. Blue Kyanite aligns all of our Chakras and subtle energy bodies strengthening our Aura, restoring Qi and balancing our Yin/Yang energies. It does not absorb negative energy and therefore does not need to be cleansed. It is wonderful crystal to work with during meditation as its serene, peaceful energy settles our mind allowing us to attune to higher vibrations.


    Blue Lace Agate

    With its soft, calming vibration, Blue Lace Agate radiates a peaceful and tranquil energy. Its nurturing vibration helps to relieve our self-imposed mental blockages caused by suppressed emotions from our childhood. Once we release ourselves from fear of judgment and failure, we begin to open our Throat Chakra and express our feelings and emotions concisely and clearly. Uniting our thoughts with our actions and our spirit, purifies our soul and allows the peace we feel within to flow outward.



    radiates its nurturing vibration instilling a feeling of comfort and contentment to those it touches. Chalcedony is very creative stone, opening the mind towards acceptance of new ideals and situations. It is known to improve our mental flexibility and verbal dexterity making us better listeners and communicators. This is especially beneficial in teams where a brotherhood/sisterhood mentality is crucial. Chalcedony, especially blue Chalcedony, is an excellent Throat Chakra stone. It works to absorb all negative thoughts and emotions we currently feel and replaces them with an optimistic, upbeat outlook. Because our thoughts dictate our actions and the impending result use Chalcedony when you are feeling blue and transform your melancholy into joy!

  • Shipping and Returns


    • All products are made to order to your specific size. We strive to have your order shipped within 0-3 days from time your order is placed.
    • We use the United States Postal Service for both domestic and international shipping
    • For Domestic orders we offer three shipping options: Standard, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
      • Standard Shipping 3-5 day delivery times
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      • Visit for an estimate of shipping times based on your zip code. All packages are shipped from zip code 53022
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    • All Buyers will receive a tracking number via email once their item has shipped no matter which shipping method is chosen.
    • If a package is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.



    Return Policy

    · We will happily refund your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way within 30 days from the purchase date. Refunds will be issued once the product is returned and received by Soul Sisters Designs. The buyer is responsible for return shipping expenses.

    · If a bracelet or necklace breaks, we will happily remake or repair the item free of charge for the first 90 days, as long as all the components to remake the design are returned. We reserve the right to recoup any expense incurred to remake the damaged product when returned without all the original components. The buyer is required to pay for outgoing shipping of the remade item.

    · If the product breaks as a result of our error or was damaged during production or shipping we will accept full responsibility and will issue a full refund or remake the piece. We do our best to ensure every product that leaves our door is handcrafted to perfection and do not expect to have any returns due to quality! Overall, our mission is to transform and uplift spirits while introducing the power of healing crystals to others and we promise to work with all of our customers to leave them satisfied!

    · Exchanges- We are happy to exchange any item ordered that don't fit perfectly! Buyer should ship the item needing the size adjustment to us at Soul Sisters Designs W156N11844 Pilgrim Road Germantown, WI 53022 and we will promptly remake the item to the correct size and ship it back. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses occurred.


    Soul Sisters Designs

    W156N11844 Pilgrim Road

    Germantown, WI 53022

  • Sizing

    Sizing & Fit

    · Most bracelets and necklaces are available in multiple lengths and sizes to ensure you receive the best fit.

    · The Necklace Length Guide pictured on the product pages are to be used as a guide only and are not intended to imply the length reflected on the guide will be the necklaces’ length on you as each person's individual body type will determine the actual length.

    • All of our bracelets are available in a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit (with the exception of the Adjustable Mini Gemstone Bracelets that are one size fits most). The sizes available to choose from reflect how long the bracelet is while lying flat.
    • Here are some tips to help you determine what size bracelet you should order:
    • Using a tape measurer, measure the circumference of your wrist or ankle where you like to wear your bracelets. If a tape measurer is not available, take a piece of string or strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist or ankle. Then measure the string or paper using a ruler.
    • Take the measurement of your wrist and add ½" for a snug fit or up to an 1" for a looser fit. Select the bracelet size that is closest.
    • For Double Wrap Bracelets follow the same procedure, but multiply the number by 2. For example, if your wrist measured 6-½" + ½" = 7". You would select 14".
    • For Anklets, your measurement will need to be adjusted larger to ensure the anklet is able to move freely when you walk. We recommend taking an additional measurement using a piece of string or cord which will allow you to take into account how long the anklet needs to be comfortable while wearing it.
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