Blue Sponge Coral, Gray Jade and Montana Agate Bracelet with Moon Charm


This handcrafted design was created with our new Blue Sponge Coral beads, Gray Jade and Montana Agate (8mm).  This design was inspired by the softhearted energy of the moon.  Traditionally we have used a lot of dark blues, grays and blacks in our moon bracelets, but felt inclined to show a softer side to the moon's energy.  The Blue Coral beads were the perfect fit to express this sentiment in their soft, soothing shade of blue with a grayish tint.  Each bead is unique with different markings, striations and some even have tiny holes that we could see crystals in when we looked through our handheld microscope.  We opted for the Gray Jade because their shade of gray has a hint of purplish/pink to exemplify the feminine energy of the moon.  Lastly we added Montana Agate beads in a matte finish to represent the milky white full moon we see in the sky on a clear night.  As designed this bracelet measures 7" but other sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Blue Coral

    Blue Coral stabilizes our emotions and soothes our fears and insecurities.  It works specifically to heal any emotional wounds we may be holding onto consciously or subconsciously from our childhood.  In addition it restores our inner childlike energy and encourages us reconnect with it by playing, dancing, singing or just being goofy as we did when we were kids before our fears of judgment or criticism stifled that energy.  By doing so, we will feel stress being released, anxiety melting away and deep peace will return to our hearts.



    Jade has been a revered symbol of purity and serenity since Ancient times. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Jade enhances our ability to love while nurturing us through the pitfalls that may arise. Its protective energy keeps us feeling safe while we open our hearts to love. Inner feelings of harmony help us attract good luck and friendship. Jade encourages us to become our true self, purifying the veil of ego. Facilitating our awakening, Jade connects our human body to our spirit, awakening hidden knowledge and truths. Traditionally used as a stone of abundance and prosperity, keep Jade in your pocket when you need to manifest wealth.


    Montana Agate

    Montana Agate is a form of Chalcedony found only in a small region of Yellowstone Park in Montana. It radiates a calm and peaceful energy that encourages us to stay present in the moment. Montana Agate inspires perseverance and stability during our most challenging times. It has a very strong connection to the plant kingdom and reminds us to stay grounded as we go through our own personal growth. It opens and aligns all of our Chakras emboldening a higher level of consciousness.



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