Blue Sponge Coral, Kiwi Jasper, Sunstone, Plum and Picture Jasper Bracelet

Blue Sponge Coral, Kiwi Jasper, Sunstone, Plum and Picture Jasper Bracelet


This handcrafted bracelet features healing crystal beads of Blue Sponge Coral, Kiwi Jasper, Sunstone, Plum Blossom Jasper and Picture Jasper (6mm). The focal of the design is a Pewter Tree of Life Charm with a Brass finish.  The Tree of Life reminds us of the nurturing energy and infinite strength we receive from Mother Earth when we embrace our connection to her.  Alongside the charm is Blue Sponge Coral. These unique beads have patterns, markings and groves from the Coral they were created out of.  Their soft blue shade helps stabilize our emotions and soothe our troubled mind.  Next to the Coral are Kiwi Jasper.  Kiwi Jasper has a calming energy that helps us feel more relaxed and tranquil.  Due to inclusions within the stone it also has an uplifting vibe that helps elevate our mood and lift our spirits creating a sense of inner harmony and balance. Next, we used Sunstone.  Sunstone radiates an uplifting energy that fills our hearts with joy, helps us regain our personal power and provides strength and motivation to help us get through difficult times.  After the Sunstone is Plum Blossom Jasper.  Plum Blossom Jasper is a wonderful stress reliever and a very grounding stone.  It offers emotional protection by giving us a sense of safety and security.  Lastly, we used Picture Jasper.  Picture Jasper encourages creativity and self-expression.  It inspires us to turn our dreams into reality by offering the courage and strength we need to make that happen.   As designed the bracelet measures 14" but other sizes are available. It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Sponge Coral

    Blue Coral stabilizes our emotions and soothes our fears and insecurities. It works specifically to heal any emotional wounds we may be holding onto consciously or subconsciously from our childhood. In addition, it restores our inner childlike energy and encourages us reconnect with it by playing, dancing, singing or just being goofy as we did when we were kids before our fears of judgment or criticism stifled that energy. By doing so, we will feel stress being released, anxiety melting away and deep peace will return to our hearts.

    Kiwi Jasper

    Kiwi Jasper is a very nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress. Its energy helps us feel more relaxed and tranquil. Kiwi Jasper’s unique composition has an alter ego that is also very uplifting. It helps to elevate our mood and lift our spirits as it attunes us to the Earth’s vibration creating a sense of inner harmony and balance. Kiwi Jasper is extremely helpful for those suffering from an addictive or compulsive behavior by asserting the emotional strength and energy necessary to face the reality of their problems and begin the healing process towards recovery. Spiritually, Kiwi Jasper aids in cleansing, aligning and balancing the Chakras. Its ability to absorb negative energies allows only positive light to shine upon our Aura.


    Sunstone has a beautiful energy that radiates upon us just like the sun. It uplifts our spirit and brings joy to our hearts. Sunstone brings clarity into any situation shining its light upon it and unveiling what was once hidden. Carrying a piece of Sunstone helps us improve our personal power. It encourages us to be confident, optimistic and action orientated by motivating us to do our best. Sunstone will help boost our motivation and give us the strength and vitality to carry on during our most difficult times. When dealing with negative people who seem to have hooked onto our energy, Sunstone helps dispel their energy-sucking hook freeing us to move freely without their attachment.Plum Blossom Jasper

    As with all Jaspers, it is the stone of gentleness and relaxation. It offers emotional protection when dealing with sensitive issues. Plum Blossom Jasper has a calming, nurturing energy that promotes feelings of stability, safety and security. Plum Blossom Jasper is a very grounding stone and a wonderful stress reliever.

    Picture Jasper

    Picture Jasper encourages us to see the bigger picture. By holding onto our negative emotions, we sabotage our spiritual journey. The drawings that appear on Picture Jasper are said to be from Mother Earth herself. Each stone is a gift from Gaia revealing hidden knowledge and messages from long ago. By examining these hidden messages, we learn of our past and with that, the ability to finally let it go. Picture Jasper also wants us to express our own creativity. Serving as inspiration and providing courage and strength, Picture Jasper assists in making our dreams into realities. The stone also serves as a reminder the importance of fostering a greater understanding of all people and their distinct histories and unique cultures. Forging a connection between of all of humanity is a path towards healing the planet and living in true harmony.


    Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life is a symbol of infinite lasting strength and stability. The four elements combine to form the Tree of Life as fire gives energy to the sun, the earth nourishes the roots, water provides the vital essence of all life and air that helps it communicate with the environment around it. It encompasses the nurturing energy we receive from Mother Earth, along with her many blessings. Wearing a Tree of Life reminds us of our great fortune, as well as the wealth of knowledge available to us.