Blue Sponge Coral, Sodalite, Dumortierite and Picture Jasper Bracelet

Blue Sponge Coral, Sodalite, Dumortierite and Picture Jasper Bracelet


This handcrafted bracelet for Men features healing crystal beads of Blue Sponge Coral, Sodalit, South African Dumortierite and Picture Jasper (8mm).  We strung the beads on durable pre-stretched elastic cord.  Starting with the center of the design is a Blue Sponge Coral bead.  These unique creations demonstrate actual markings, patterns and holes of coral that once lived in our oceans.  Alongside the coral on either side are Sodalite beads.  Sodalite helps boost our cofidence and self-esteem by opening our Throat Chakra allowing us to communicate clearly and concisely.  Next to the Sodalite are dark blue Dumortierite beads mined in South African.   The stone of patience, Dumortierite radiates a very calm, soothing vibration that assists in releasing stress and tension.  Their midnight blue shade ends the ombre of colors before the contrasting Picture Jasper beads begin.  Picture Jasper is a stone of creativity.  Serving as inspiration and providing courage and strength, Picture Jasper assists in helping us turn our dreams into realities.  As designed, the bracelet measures 8" in length, but other options are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Sponge Coral

    Blue Coral stabilizes our emotions and soothes our fears and insecurities. It works specifically to heal any emotional wounds we may be holding onto consciously or subconsciously from our childhood. In addition, it restores our inner childlike energy and encourages us reconnect with it by playing, dancing, singing or just being goofy as we did when we were kids before our fears of judgment or criticism stifled that energy. By doing so, we will feel stress being released, anxiety melting away and deep peace will return to our hearts.



    Sodalite is a stone of self-expression and confidence. It enhances our self-worth and self-esteem while encouraging us to live our truth through our words and actions. Stimulating our Pineal Gland and Third Eye, Sodalite assists in heightening our intuition and promoting focused, rational thoughts. For those of us that tend to react emotionally, Sodalite tames our impulsive emotions by encouraging us to use logic, rational thoughts alongside our intuition. Sodalite helps us release our fears, insecurities, phobias and guilt that have been holding us back from reaching our full potential. Returning us to a sense of balance healed from our past emotional wounds and trauma, Sodalite invigorates our spirit, self-esteem and self-acceptance.



    Dumortierite is referred to as the “Stone of Patience.” It carries a very soothing, calm, relaxing energy that assists in releasing stress and tension. Dumortierite is a very supportive stone that can promote feelings of confidence encouraging us to stay true to and stand up for our beliefs. It is associated with our communication center, the Throat Chakra, assisting us focus and organize our scattered thoughts into clear communication. Dumortierite understands that our journey towards enlightenment doesn’t occur as quickly as we hope. It encourages us to have patience with the natural order of the Universe, helping us accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and reminds us to keep on our path because it will come when we are ready to receive it.



    Picture Jasper

    Picture Jasper encourages us to see the bigger picture. By holding onto our negative emotions, we sabotage our spiritual journey. The drawings that appear on Picture Jasper are said to be from Mother Earth herself. Each stone is a gift from Gaia revealing hidden knowledge and messages from long ago. By examining these hidden message, we learn of our past and with that, the ability to finally let it go. Picture Jasper also wants us to express our own creativity. Serving as inspiration and providing courage and strength, Picture Jasper assists in making our dreams into realities. The stone also serves as a reminder the importance of fostering a greater understanding of all people and their distinct histories and unique cultures. Forging a connection between of all of humanity is a path towards healing the planet and living in true harmony.