Element Air Crystal Grid Kit with Citrine and Amethyst

Element Air Crystal Grid Kit with Citrine and Amethyst


This handmade Crystal Grid Kit focuses on the Air Element.  This element dictates our logic, problem solving abilities and our intellect.  It represents the Zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Balancing the Four Elements is done in a similar fashion as balancing our Chakras.  When we are lacking intellectual ideals, need to address situations from a higher perspective or struggle to solve problems or understand basic concepts, we can turn to healing crystals represented by the Air Element to assist us.  This Crystal Grid Kit comes with two Air Element Crystals, Citrine and Amethyst.  You will receive 6 Citrine and 6 Amethyst tumbled stones.  Their size will vary, but will range between 3/4"-1-1/2" in size.  In order to complete your grid kit, you must also chose which stone you would like to use as your Focus Stone.  Pictured above is a piece of raw Selenite, but you may also select a tumbled clear Quartz crystal (not pictured).  The 13 crystal included in this kit will be delivered in our hand-sewn reversible drawstring pouch.  The interior of the pouch is made of a solid print fabric with a Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Grid permanently adhered to the fabric, while the outer fabric is a Batik print.  A laminated instruction card will advise you on where to lay out your crystals, how to program your intention in the grid and then how to activate your grid.  Aligning our intention with Sacred Geometry helps to focus the energy of the crystals with the energy of the Universe facilitating our ability to manifest what we desire.  The convenient reversible pouch has enough room to hold all your crystals, along with any other item you wish to use while gridding.  

Reversible Pouch
Focus Stone
  • Healing Properties


    Citrine is a very powerful stone with cleansing and regenerating properties that mimic the energy of the sun. It transmits a vibrant, warm vibration that leaves us feeling more confident, strong and energized. Citrine is also known as an abundance stone teaching us how to manifest and attract prosperity, wealth and success. The energy of Citrine is one of happiness and joy that raises our self-esteem and encourages us to express ourselves creativity. When working with Citrine to enhance creativity, you will notice your inhibitions and insecurities start to wither as happiness and confidence flow through you. You will be more likely to experiment with new ideals without the fear of judgment and criticism that may have held you back in the past.



    Amethyst is an immensely high vibrational crystal! It encourages our spiritual growth and our inner development. It is very beneficial to the brain, as it can both calm and stimulate based on what is needed at the time. On a subtle level, Amethyst helps balance the mind, body and spirit leaving you feeling centered and grounded. Amethyst is a great crystal to keep at the office or on your body as it strives to repel all negative energy from your surroundings so their bad vibes don't distract you from your higher purpose. After repelling the negative energy, Amethyst then attracts positive energy to fill its place! Amethyst is a true gift from the Divine and must for all crystal lover’s collection!



    Selenite is an extremely high vibrational stone. It connects our conscious mind with our subconscious, bridging the gap between the two and creating an understanding of what has been occurring. What once confused us becomes clear and we begin to see the big picture. Its powerful vibration aligns us with the angelic realm and opens our Crown Chakra. Bestowing higher guidance upon us, Selenite soothes and purifies our tangled emotions allowing us to feel deep peace. Selenite has an ethereal quality believed to inhabit the space between light and matter. We can use Selenite to form a protective grid around our homes blocking out outside influences and instilling a safe and tranquil atmosphere inside. Selenite can also be used externally to help block negative influence from our mind, body and spirit.



    Quartz is the “Master Healer” and “Stone of Power!” Quartz has a very high vibration that amplifies and purifies our energy and intentions. It raises consciousness towards enlightenment and cleanses us on every level. It is the most powerful healing stone in the crystal kingdom because of its unique helical spiral formation. It's clarity is created from every color of the rainbow enabling it to assist us with any mental, spiritual and physical ailment that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. It also possesses the wonderful ability to amplify any other crystal it is near enhancing that crystal's energy and vibration!