Freshwater Pearl, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite & Rose Quartz with Mermaid Pendant

Freshwater Pearl, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite & Rose Quartz with Mermaid Pendant


This handcrafted necklace features healing crystal gemstone beads of Freshwater Pearls, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite and Rose Quartz. The focal of the necklace is a Pewter Mermaid pendant. The mermaid symbolizes the Divine Feminine energy of the Moon and the Element Water. Like an Angel, she offers guidance and protection, and like a goddess she encourages strength and perseverance. Alongside the pendant on either side are Blue Lace Agate beads (4mm) radiating a peaceful, serene energy. Following the Blue Lace Agate are rice shaped Freshwater Pearls between a flat bottom potato Freshwater Pearl bead. Pearls are a symbol of feminine perfection. With their nurturing and protective energy, they remind us when we are faced with obstacles or setbacks that we shouldn’t dwell on the negative aspects only, but instead see the opportunity for growth.  In between another set of Pearls we chose Amazonite (4mm).  Amazonite is revered for its calming and soothing energy that helps allieviate anxiety and stress. It also serves as a deflector of negativity, including negative energy associated with electromagnetic pollution and geo-pathic stress.  Lastly, we added Rose Quartz (4mm) the stone of unconditional love to the design. It too, has a soothing energy that encourages us to have compassion towards ourselves and others. It opens our Heart Chakra inspiring us to live from our hearts and release the heavy burden fear, guilt and insecurities that have weighed us down and kept us from progressing on our journey. The beads were strung on Stainless-Steel beading wire to ensure its durability. It has a Stainless-Steel Lobster Clasp closure. As designed the necklace measures 20" in length, but other variants are available to choose from. This necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box.


  • Healing Properties


    Pearls are known as a symbol of feminine perfection! They are formed inside shellfish like mollusks and oysters as a natural defense against sand, grit or other irritants. The shellfish excretes nacre, a crystallized calcium carbonate containing millions of Aragonite platelets, over the irritant to shield itself from it. As the layers of nacre build up the Pearl begins to take shape. Because they are created in layers, Pearls have an iridescent affect that creates their beautiful sheen, as well as a nurturing and protective energy. Pearls remind us when we are faced with obstacles or setbacks that we shouldn’t dwell on the negative aspects only. Facing and overcoming obstacles is when real growth occurs, just as the Pearl grows layer by layer as it overcomes each of its own. Pearls are connected and ruled by the Moon, a Water Element. They bring a calming, soothing energy that encourages us to go with the flow. In addition, they work on an emotional level to balance our moods and heal our negative thought patterns. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, Pearls enhance intuition and enlighten the mind as we seek higher wisdom and truth.


    Blue Lace Agate

    With its soft, calming vibration, Blue Lace Agate radiates a peaceful and tranquil energy. Its nurturing vibration helps to relieve our self-imposed mental blockages caused by suppressed emotions from our childhood. Once we release ourselves from fear of judgment and failure, we open begin to open our Throat Chakra and express our feelings and emotions concisely and clearly. Uniting our thoughts, with our actions and our spirit purifies our soul and allows the peace we feel within to flow outward.


    Amazonite has a soothing and calming energy that helps relieve stress and irritation. It dispels negative energy that one is holding onto returning them to a more balanced state. When conflict arises, Amazonite will help you see both sides of an argument and help improve one’s verbal and non-verbal communication until an understanding is reached. It also assists with alleviating worry and fear by calming the nervous system. It is a great crystal for those suffering from emotional trauma. On a mental level, it combines information from the brain with one’s own intuition raising the level of consciousness. Amazonite is a great filter for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. Placing Amazonite on a computer, cell phone and microwave is said to alleviate the affects these types of pollution have on the mind, body and spirit.


    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is known as "The stone of unconditional love." It has a soothing energy that increases empathy towards oneself and others. It helps improve our ability to forgive ourselves for our past indiscretions and gives us the strength and courage to forgive others for any wrongs they may have done. Rose Quartz reminds us that extending compassion and love towards ourselves is essential to our growth. Without doing so, we continue to carry too heavy of a burden that will weigh us down and hinder us on our journey towards enlightenment. Rose Quartz understands how difficult this task can be and will assist by lowering stress and tension and dissipating the anger and jealousy we feel, promoting only loving, peaceful thoughts and actions.



    Often referred to as the “Angels of the Sea”, Mermaids have a mysterious and enchanting nature. Connected to the Water Element and the Moon, they offer guidance, enhance intuition and remind us to go with the flow more often. They encourage us to dig deep inside ourselves to understand the source of our fears, anxieties and emotional scars so we can truly heal. Mermaids are often mentioned as the goddess of love and beauty as descendants of Aphrodite and Venus. This Divine Feminine energy emboldens strength and encourages us to look for magic in everything and reminds us we have the ability to overcome any obstacle in our path.