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Healing Crystal Starter Kit with Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Tigers Eye by Soul Sisters Designs

Healing Crystal Beginner's Starter Kit

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When you are just getting started on your healing crystal journey it can be overwhelmning to know where to begin.  We designed this Starter Kit with Six healing crystals that cover most of the metaphysical properties one looks for in a crystal.  The kit incudes one of the following: tumbled Clear Quartz, tumbled Amethyst, a piece of raw Selenite, a piece of Black Tourmaline also in its raw form, a tumbled Rose Quartz and a tumbled Tigers Eye.   The crystals all measure 1-2" in size and will look similar to those pictured.  In addition to the six crystals, you will also receive a drawstring pouch with a glittery gemstone emblazoned on the outside.  Each crystal will be clearly labeled with its metaphysical properties outlined in keywords, similar to what is pictured on the cards above, along with Zodiac, Chakra and Element affiliations.  

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