I am at Peace Healing Crystal Grid Kit to Help Heal Emotional Wounds

I am at Peace Healing Crystal Grid Kit to Help Heal Emotional Wounds


This Healing Crystal Grid Kit was designed to help us heal from the emotional wounds and traumas that relentlessly hold us back from reaching our highest potential.  Included in the kit are 6 tumbled stones of Amazonite (3/4"-1") and 6 tumbled stones of Botswana Agate(3/4"-1").  Amazonite soothes and calms the mind alleviating fear, worry and doubt.  It dispels any negativity we are holding onto returning our mind, body and spirit to a more balanced state.  Botswana Agate encourages us to be strong and have the courage to face our repressed emotions. In addition, Botswana Agate reminds us of the importance to love ourselves unconditionally and that until we are able to do so fully we will continue to stifle our growth and potential.  However, once self-love is embraced, we can continue on the path of self-discovery towards enlightenment.  In addition to these 12 healing crystals, this kit also includes your choice of raw Selenite or tumbled Quartz to use as a Focus Stone.  To complete your grid kit choose between our 6 hand-sewn pouches.   Each reversible pouch measures approximately 6" wide by 7" tall and has a 4-1/4" Seed of Life Grid permanently affixed to the inside of the pouch and drawstring closure.   We will also provide detailed instructions on where to put your crystals, how to set your intention and activate your grid. Aligning an intention with Sacred Geometry, paired with the power of healing crystals, helps to focus the crystal's energy with the energy of the Universe facilitating our ability to manifest what we desire. The convenient reversible pouch has enough room to hold all your crystals, along with any other items you wish to use while creating sacred space.

Reversible Pouch
Focus Stone
  • Healing Properties


    Amazonite has a soothing and calming energy that helps relieve stress and irritation. It dispels negative energy that one is holding onto returning them to a more balanced state. When conflict arises, Amazonite will help you see both sides of an argument and help improve one’s verbal and non-verbal communication until an understanding is reached. It also assists with alleviating worry and fear by calming the nervous system. It is a great crystal for those suffering from emotional trauma. On a mental level, it combines information from the brain with one’s own intuition raising the level of consciousness. Amazonite is a great filter for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. Placing Amazonite on a computer, cell phone and microwave is said to alleviate the affects these types of pollution have on the mind, body and spirit.



    Botswana Agate

    Botswana Agate encourages us to be strong and courageous as we face our repressed emotions that continually hold us back from reaching our potential. It offers a shield of protection from depression and the blues, by elevating serene, peaceful energy. Botswana Agate reminds us that we are love and compassion in action. Expressing love and compassion towards one's self is a difficult task for most of us, but using Botswana Agate's energy we find the courage and strength necessary to change our relationship with our self. Until unconditional love radiates from the essence of our being, and negative self-perceptions and our self-imposed limitations vanish, our growth and spiritual development is hindered. However, once self-love is discovered and embraced, we can continue on the path of self-discovery towards enlightenment.




    Quartz is the “Master Healer” and “Stone of Power!” Quartz has a very high vibration that amplifies and purifies our energy and intentions. It raises consciousness towards enlightenment and cleanses us on every level. It is the most powerful healing stone in the crystal kingdom because of its unique helical spiral formation. It's clarity is created from every color of the rainbow enabling it to assist us with any mental, spiritual and physical ailment that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. It also possesses the wonderful ability to amplify any other crystal it is near enhancing that crystal's energy and vibration!




    Selenite is an extremely high vibrational stone. It connects our conscious mind with our subconscious, bridging the gap between the two and creating an understanding of what has been occurring. What once confused us becomes clear and we begin to see the big picture. Its powerful vibration aligns us with the angelic realm and opens our Crown Chakra. Bestowing higher guidance upon us, Selenite soothes and purifies our tangled emotions allowing us to feel deep peace. Selenite has an ethereal quality believed to inhabit the space between light and matter. We can use Selenite to form a protective grid around our homes blocking out outside influences and instilling a safe and tranquil atmosphere inside. Selenite can also be used externally to help block negative influence from our mind, body and spirit.