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Tigers Eye and Rainforest Rhyolite Healing Crystal Grid Kit by Soul Sisters Designs

I am Determined Healing Crystal Grid Kit for Confidence, Strength & Perseverance


This Healing Crystal Grid Kit is named "I am Determined" because the healing properties of Tigers Eye and Rainforest Rhyolite promote confidence, strength and perseverance helping us to overcome any obstacle or challenge that we may face .    This kit includes 6 Tigers Eye and 6 Rainforest Rhyolite  tumbled Healing Crystals.  The crystals will range in size from 1/2" to 1" and look similar to the ones depicted above.  In addition, you will receive your choice of tumbled Quartz (not pictured) or a piece of raw Selenite (as shown) to use as a Focus Stone.   The 13 crystals included in this kit will be delivered in our hand-sewn reversible drawstring pouch.  The pouch itself measures approximate 6"x7".  The Seed of Life Grid is just over 4" in diameter.  We offer six different fabric options each with a solid fabric on the interior which hosts the Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Grid , while the outside of the fabric is a print.  A laminated instruction card will advise you on where to lay out your crystals, how to program your intention in the grid and then how to activate your grid.  Aligning our intention with Sacred Geometry helps to focus the energy of the crystals with the energy of the Universe facilitating our ability to manifest what we desire.  The convenient reversible pouch has enough room to hold all your crystals, along with any other item you wish to use while setting up sacred space.