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Lepidolite and Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Grid Kit by Soul Sisters Designs

I am Enough Healing Crystal Grid Kit


This Healing Crystal Grid Kit will help you realize that you are enough as it radiates loving, compassionate energy to help heal emotional wounds that degrade your self-esteem and weigh you down.   You will receive 6 tumbled Rose Quartz healing crystals  along with 6 tumbled Lepidolite healing crystals. The crystals range in size from 1/2" to 1" in length or greater.  In addition, you will receive your choice of a tumbled Quartz or a piece of rough Selenite (as pictured) to use as a Focus Stone.   We offer six different hand-sewn reversible drawstring pouch options for you to choose from.  Each pouch was handsewn by us using a solid fabric for the interior of the bag and a printed exterior fabric.   Please see the picture above to learn more about each of the fabric and grid options available. The interior of the bag has a Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Grid that we cut from heat transfer vinyl using our Silhouette Cameo machine.   This kit is perfect for both those experienced at setting up grids and beginners since we provide a  laminated instruction card explaining how to lay out your crystals, set your intention and then program and activate your grid!  Aligning our intention with Sacred Geometry helps to focus the energy of the crystals with the energy of the Universe facilitating our ability to manifest what we desire.  The reversible pouch has ample room to hold all your crystals, along with any other item you wish to use while setting up sacred space.