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Rainbow Moonstone, Botswana Agate and Amethsyt Healing Crystal Intention Set for Personal Growth by Soul Sisters Designs

I am Focused on Myself Healing Crystal Intention Set for Personal Growth

$11.00 Regular Price
$7.70Sale Price


This intention set encourages us to focus on our own self-improvement and personal growth. Often times we are so worried about everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. Life's ups and downs are a series of lessons and teaching moments that facilitate our growth and allow us to transform into the highest version of ourselves. In order to stay on this path, we have to make ourselves a priority!  This Intention Set includes one tumbled Rainbow Moonstone, one Botswana Agate and one Amethyst healing crystal to help keep your mind, body and spirit balanced allowing your personal growth to remain an ongoing focus!  In addition, you will receive a handstamped fabric pouch to carry your new crystals in!  The Rainbow Moonstone crystals range between 1-1-1/2" in size.  The Botswana Agate's and Amethyst are 1-2" in size.  In addition, you will receive a drawstring pouch to carry your crystals in that we enhanced by adding a glittery gemstone using heat transfer vinyl.