I am Limitless Healing Crystal Intention Set for Empowerment and Personal Growth

I am Limitless Healing Crystal Intention Set for Empowerment and Personal Growth


This Healing Crystal Intention Set reminds us that we were created with limitless potential capable of overcoming any obstacle to manifest the life we deserve.  Included in this set are a tumbled Rainbow Moonstone, a piece of rough Amazontie and a tumbled Botswana Agate.  These three crystals empower us to heal our emotional wounds, balance our mind, body and spirit and keep growing into the highest version of ourselves.  Each measures between 1-2" in length.  You will notice the rough Amazonite has additional healing properties from its inclusions of Lepidolite and Smoky Quartz.  Lepidolite containing Lithium and helping to ease any anxiety and depression and Smoky Quartz deflecting negativity while keeping us grounded and simultaneously raising our vibration.  In addition to the three healing crystals you will also receive a hand-stamped pouch to keep your crystals in.   Due to the natural make up of all healing crystals and stones size, shape and color may vary from what is pictured.

  • Healing Properties

    Rainbow Moonstone

    Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone that is pearly white in color and exhibits a similar flash of blue light that radiates from within the stone as Labradorite, hence it can be referred to as White Labradorite. It is a stone of Divine inspiration connecting with our Third Eye to enhance our intuition and our awareness. Its connection to the Crown Chakra raises our vibration and frequency making it a great stone to use while meditating. This allows loving, white light healing energies to flow through us relaxing our mind, body and spirit. Its connection to the Moon provides insight and intuitive guidance allowing us to connect the different cycles of our own lives so we begin to understand our true nature and purpose. Its energy is very soothing and calming and can help relieve stress and anxieties.



    Amazonite has a soothing and calming energy that helps relieve stress and irritation. It dispels negative energy that one is holding onto returning them to a more balanced state. When conflict arises, Amazonite will help you see both sides of an argument and help improve one’s verbal and non-verbal communication until an understanding is reached. It also assists with alleviating worry and fear by calming the nervous system. It is a great crystal for those suffering from emotional trauma. On a mental level, it combines information from the brain with one’s own intuition raising the level of consciousness. Amazonite is a great filter for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. Placing Amazonite on a computer, cell phone and microwave is said to alleviate the affects these types of pollution have on the mind, body and spirit.


    Botswana Agate

    Botswana Agate encourages us to be strong and courageous as we face our repressed emotions that continually hold us back from reaching our potential. It offers a shield of protection from depression and the blues, by elevating serene, peaceful energy. Botswana Agate reminds us that we are love and compassion in action. Expressing love and compassion towards one's self is a difficult task for most of us, but using Botswana Agate's energy we find the courage and strength necessary to change our relationship with our self. Until unconditional love radiates from the essence of our being, and negative self-perceptions and self-imposed limitations vanish, our growth and spiritual development is hindered. However, once self-love is discovered and embraced, we can continue on the path of self-discovery towards enlightenment.