I Reclaim My Personal Power Healing Crystal Grid Kit

I Reclaim My Personal Power Healing Crystal Grid Kit


When we reclaim our personal power we are confident in our ability to achieve our goals.  We accept ourselves without judgement or criticism.  We express ourselves in a powerful way and we exercise the freedom to chose the direction of our life.  This healing crystal grid kit includes 6 tumbled Golden Sheen Obsidian and 6 tumbled Septarian stones to align with your intention to reclaim your personal power, experience personal growth and feel empowered to to go for your dreams without fear of failure or judgment.  What a beautiful way to be!  Each healing crystal in the set ranges in size from 3/4"-1" or larger.  You will also receive your choice of a tumbled Quartz or piece of Selenite to use as a Focus Stone.  Finally, chose between one of six hand-sewn reversible pouches with Seed of Life grid permanently adhered to the pouch with heat transfer vinyl.  The drawstring pouch measures 6"x7" with a 4-1/2" grid on the inside of the pouch.  Fabric options include the Lotus print with burgundy interior and white grid, Galaxy print with dark purple interior fabric and electric lavendar grid, Batik print with hot pink interior fabric and white grid, Black Batik fabric with dark red fabric and black grid, Mermaid print fabric with a teal interior fabric and holographic grid or a Butterfly print with sea-foam green interior and Pink Glitter Grid.  The pouch is large enough to hold all of the crystals, along with any other items you wish to include when you create sacred space.  If you are new to crystal gridding this kit is perfect for you as you will have a laminated instruction card showing you where to place your crystals, how to set an intention and then activate your grid with the energy of the Universe.  For more information on crystal grids be sure to check out our blog

  • Healing Properties

    Golden Sheen Obsidian

    Golden Sheen Obsidian is brown or black colored Obsidian that reflects a golden sheen on its surface as a result of gas bubbles being trapped in between its layers as the molten lava began to cool while the Obsidian was forming. It is a stone of personal power connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra that helps us reclaim our power, aligning it with the Divine so we can put it to use for the greater good of the Universe. Golden Sheen Obsidian is a favorite crystal to use for scrying as it takes you deep into the past and far ahead into the future showing you the root cause of your problems, negative thoughts or habits and what they will become if left unaddressed. A Root Chakra crystal that keeps us grounded and deflects negativity, Golden Sheen Obsidian helps erase the thoughts, habits and patterns that we discover to be the root cause of our suffering opening the door for healing to occur. In addition, it shines a light on our hidden talents enabling us to manifest our dream life as we find our true calling and “go for gold” pursuing that dream.



    Septarian is also known as Dragon Stone because of its appearance is reminiscent of dragon eggs. It is a mix of yellow Calcite, brown Aragonite, gray Limestone and sometimes clear Barite. Mud balls formed during volcanic eruptions 50-70 million years ago, encasing decomposing minerals and dead sea life. When the oceans receded these mud balls began to shrink, dry up and crack into random patterns of beautiful Septarian nodules. Concretion stones like Septarian provide a protective shield around our mental, physical and emotional bodies. With its uplifting energy, it instills feelings of positivity and joy. A stone of harmony, Septarian enhances communication, teamwork and positivity in group settings while emboldening clear, thoughtful communication. Septarian promotes self-esteem and confidence by enhancing our spiritual and mental aptitude. In addition, this nurturing energy inspires us to reclaim our personal power and make self-care of the utmost importance and to not be afraid to say no to other's requests. Septarian serves as a reminder that we are perfect and beautiful just as we are despite how we perceive our flaws, blemishes and cracks because without those cracks Septarian would not be the unique beauty she is and without our “flaws”, nor would we!




    Quartz is the “Master Healer” and “Stone of Power!” Quartz has a very high vibration that amplifies and purifies our energy and intentions. It raises consciousness towards enlightenment and cleanses us on every level. It is the most powerful healing stone in the crystal kingdom because of its unique helical spiral formation. Its clarity is created from every color of the rainbow enabling it to assist us with any mental, spiritual and physical ailment that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. It also possesses the wonderful ability to amplify any other crystal it is near enhancing that crystal's energy and vibration!




    Selenite is an extremely high vibrational stone. It connects our conscious mind with our subconscious, bridging the gap between the two and creating an understanding of what has been occurring. What once confused us becomes clear and we begin to see the big picture. Its powerful vibration aligns us with the angelic realm and opens our Crown Chakra. Bestowing higher guidance upon us, Selenite soothes and purifies our tangled emotions allowing us to feel deep peace. Selenite has an ethereal quality believed to inhabit the space between light and matter. We can use Selenite to form a protective grid around our homes blocking out outside influences and instilling a safe and tranquil atmosphere inside. Selenite can also be used externally to help block negative influence from our mind, body and spirit.