Labradorite, Sodalite and Onyx Double Wrap Bracelet with Moon Charm

Labradorite, Sodalite and Onyx Double Wrap Bracelet with Moon Charm


This handcrafted design features healing crystal gemstone beads of Labradorite, Matte Black Onyx and Matte Sodalite (6mm).  Labradorite is a magical and mysterious stone full of hidden beauty.  It aligns with our Third Eye Chakra to hasten our intuition. It grounds our spiritual energy into our physical body, while raising our level of consciousness.  The beads we used demonstrate the hidden beauty of Labradorite perfectly as they appear to be gray in color until light shines upon them revealing their brilliant flashes of color.  Sodalite was chosen for its connection to our Throat and Third Eye Chakra improving our ability to speak our truth by keeping our emotions in check and focusing on logical thoughts and the wisdom of our intution.  Lastly, the Onyx serves to deflect negativity and provide strength, stamina and courage to face the darker sides of our true nature.  This newfound awareness shows us where we can be better fostering our growth and transformation into the highest version of ourself.  We finished the design with a Silver plated Pewter Crescent Moon Charm to serve as a reminder the Moon's energy is always there for us to help us deal with our emotions and connect to our intuitive guides.  As designed this bracelet measures 14", but other sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties


    Labradorite is known as the stone of mystery and magic. Hiding beautiful shades of blues, greens, golds, pinks and purples, and appearing plain and ordinary, Labradorite patiently waits until the light shines just right to reveal it's magical colors. Aligning the etheric with the physical body, it helps raise consciousness while grounding spiritual energies into our physical body. It stimulates our intuition and brings messages from the subconscious to the conscious mind, but only when we are ready to understand them. Labradorite promotes strength and perseverance, but because it understands how difficult this journey can be it only reveals hidden truths and mysteries to us when we are ready to embrace them and the transformation this knowledge will bring. Labradorite reminds us we all have hidden beauty to shine our light on!



    Sodalite is a stone of self-expression and confidence. It enhances our self-worth and self-esteem while encouraging us to live our truth through our words and actions. Stimulating our Pineal Gland and Third Eye, Sodalite assists in enhancing our intuition. For those of us that react emotionally, Sodalite tames those emotions and encourages us to focus on our logic and intuition during difficult times. It is a stone of disciplined, rational thought and objectivity in verbal expression and will help release mental conditioning and rigid ideals making space for new insights to be practiced.



    Onyx is a strength providing stone that is highly beneficial in difficult times involving physical or emotional stress.  It centers our energy and aligns us with our higher power who gives us guidance and strength.  Onyx wants us to be the master of our own destiny and it promotes the vigor, stamina and steadfast that we need on our journey.  Onyx encourages us to learn from our past mistakes allowing us to develop confidence in our judgment and decision making abilities.  An excellent stone for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, Onyx wants us to focus on the important things in life.  It fosters self-discipline and self-control facilitating our ability to manifest our greatest desires.