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Lepidolite, Silver Druzy Agate and Porcelain Jasper Healing Crystal Bracelet Lotus Charm handmade by Soul Sisters Designs

Lepidolite, Silver Druzy Agate and Porcelain Jasper Bracelet with Lotus Charm


This handmade bracelet features healing crystal beads of Lepidolite, Silver Druzy Agate and Porcelain Jasper (8mm). The focal of the design is a Pewter Lotus Charm with a Silver finish. The lotus reminds us that despite how dauting and overwhelming the challenges and difficulties we face may seem, we can overcome any obstacle. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth that puts us one step closer to our very own spiritual awakening where we reach our highest potential. Alongside the charm are lilac colored Lepidolite beads. Lepidolite has a calming energy that facilitates deep emotional healing by relieving emotional stress and replacing it with balance and inner peace. In addition, it helps us stay focused and think clearly by stabilizing our emotions that cause us distract from what is important in our lives. Next to the Lepidolite is Silver Druzy Agate. Agates in general help cultivate emotional security and inner harmony by balancing our Yin Yang energy, promoting self-acceptance and enhancing self-confidence. Lastly, we added Porcelain Jasper. Porcelain Jasper has a calming, nurturing energy that promotes feelings of stability, safety and security. It works to relieve our stress by by keeping us grounded and reminding us to live only in the present moment. As designed the bracelet measures 7" in length, but other sizes are available. It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.