Matte Amazonite Tassel Keychain

Matte Amazonite Tassel Keychain


This handcrafted keychain is made from healing crystal beads of Amazonite.  Amazonite is traditionally found in a beautiful aqua to teal color, however, when mined there is often different inclusions that result in blacks, grays, whites and yellows.  We took beads (8mm) in a matte finish of Amazonite in teal and grayish black and wire wrapped them directly to a thick chain.  We added a long gray silk tassel that dangles from the side of the design, along with a slate gray Dream charm that dangles form the bottom.  As designed this piece measures 4-1/4" in length.  We can also substitute the keyring above with a clip, along with the option to add a traditional round keyring to the clip option.  

  • Healing Properties


    Amazonite has a soothing and calming energy that helps relieve stress and irritation.  It dispels negative energy that one is holding onto returning them to a more balanced state.  When conflict arises, Amazonite will help you see both sides of an argument and help improve one’s verbal and non-verbal communication until an understanding is reached.  It also assists with alleviating worry and fear by calming the nervous system.  It is a great crystal for those suffering from emotional trauma.  On a mental level, it combines information from the brain with one’s own intuition raising the level of consciousness.   Amazonite is a great filter for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution.  Placing Amazonite on a computer, cell phone and microwave is said to alleviate the affects these types of pollution have on the mind, body and spirit.