Mystic Pyrite, Amethyst and Labradorite Necklace with Rough Amethyst Pendant

Mystic Pyrite, Amethyst and Labradorite Necklace with Rough Amethyst Pendant


This handcrafted necklace features healing crystal beads of Mystic Pyrite, Labradorite and Amethyst (4mm) along with an unpolished rough, teardrop shaped Amethyst pendant. The Amethyst pendant is the focal of the design radiating its powerful protective energy.  It balances our mind, body and spirit, revitalizes and strengthens our Aura while deflecting negativity from within, as well as from our environment.    The pendant measures approximately 3/4" but please keep in mind, as with any crystal in its natural form, each will be similar but size, shape and color may vary slightly. Alongside the pendant are a trio of Labradorite beads (4mm).  Labardorite is the stone of magic and mystery that helps enhance our intutiion offering clarity and insight from our subconcious mind.  In addition, Labradorite gives us strenght, courage and resolve to overcome any obstacle in our path.  Next, we used a pair of faced Mystic Pyrite rondelle beads (4x2mm) that surround a single Amethyst bead.  Pyrite helps us manifest good luck, abundance and prosperity.  In addition, it is an excellent dispeller of negativity that also enhances our willpower during challenging times and supports our wellbeing and personal growth by encouragin us to be successful in pursuit of our dreams and helping us stay on the right path. The beaded portion of the necklace is 8-1/2" in length and is attached to 4-1/2" of Brass Chain on each end along with a lobster clasp closure. As designed the necklace measures 18" but other lengths are available to choose from. This necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

Necklace Length
  • Healing Properties


    Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective crystal with an immensely high vibration stemming from its deep purple hue. It balances our mind, body and spirit leaving us feeling centered and grounded, while converting our scattered thoughts into focused ideals. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to wear or keep at the office as it repels all forms of negative energy from the environment. Amethyst links our physical, mental and emotional energies to the Spiritual. This cleanses and revitalizes our Aura, raises our vibration and connects us to the endless love of the Divine, while providing insights into our true-nature and encouraging us to seek Spiritual wisdom and guidance. It is very beneficial to the brain, as it can both calm and stimulate based on what is needed at the time. Amethyst can also enhance our memory and improve our motivation to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. In addition, Amethyst dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety making it an excellent stone to sleep with to avoid nightmares. Amethyst is a true gift from the Divine and must have in every crystal lover’s collection!



    Pyrite is known as a stone of luck, abundance and good fortune because of its resemblance to the precious metal Gold. Pyrite is an excellent shield of all sources of negative energy, protecting us from absorbing the negative energy of others, but also our own negative habits, thoughts and inhibiting patterns. It enhances our willpower during challenging times and supports our wellbeing and growth. It wants us to be successful in pursuit of our dreams and will assist by keeping us on the right path. It encourages good physical health and emotional well-being. Additionally, Pyrite helps increase our vitality when we are feeling overworked. Meditating with Pyrite helps ground our higher frequencies into the physical plane.



    Labradoriteis known as the stone of mystery and magic. Hiding beautiful shades of blue, green, gold, pink and purple, while appearing plain and ordinary, Labradorite patiently waits until light shines upon it to reveal these magical colors radiating from within the stone. Aligning the subtle body with the physical body, Labradorite helps raise our level of consciousness while simultaneously grounding our spiritual energy into our physical body. Labradorite stimulates our intuition and brings messages from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Understanding how difficult our journey can be, Labradorite waits patiently to reveal hidden truths and mysteries to us when we are ready to embrace them and the transformation this knowledge will bring. In addition, Labradorite promotes strength and perseverance to help us overcome any obstacle. Labradorite serves to remind us that we all have hidden beauty waiting for light to shine and reveal our magic.