Norwegian Moonstone Triangle Earrings

Norwegian Moonstone Triangle Earrings


This pair of handcrafted earrings features healing crystal beads of Norwegian Moonstone.  Norwegian Moonstone is also known as Black Labradorite and Larvikite.  It is found in black and gray tones that demonstrate a blue or silver Labradorescence (aka Shiller Affect).  We stacked four 2mm faceted rondelle shaped Norwegian Moonstone beads inside a Brass Triangle (18mm).  In addition, we added a fifth bead above the triangle.  They are attached to a brass fish hook stlye ear wire.  This pair of earrings will be delivered on our signature earring tag, in a custom handcrafted box.  

  • Healing Properties

    Norwegian Moonstone

    Norwegian Moonstone has a very protective and grounding energy.  Its strong connection with the energy of the earth helps us connect with nature.  Norwegian Moonstone is known to awaken our psychic abilities and stimulate inner visions allowing us to see the past.  It the assists us by providing clarity and insight into the past life issues we hold onto that need to be healed and released.  Norwegian Moonstone supports us by cleansing our subtle energy bodies enabling us to have a fresh start with a clean aura.  Additionally, Norwegian Moonstone repels negative energy from all aspects of mind, body and spirit