Ocean Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet

Ocean Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet


This handcrafted bracelet for Men features healing crystal beads of Ocean Jasper (8mm). Using Brass wire (24g) and Brown Leather Cord (1.5mm), we started by forming a loop on one end with the leather cord. Next, we wrapped each Ocean Jasper bead around the cord with the wire. We completed the design by stringing a Pewter Flower of Life Button with a Copper finish through the ends of the cord that will serve as the clasp that is inserted into the loop. Ocean Jasper encourages us to go with the flow more often and stop becoming overly attached to a situation or outcome. It promotes a calming energy that reminds us to breathe slow and deep focusing our mind and relaxing our body before we react. Its connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra emboldens our personal power and provides inner strength that we can call upon during challenging times. As designed the bracelet measures 8" in length, but other sizes are available. This bracelet will be delivered on our signature leather bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

  • Healing Properties

    Ocean Jasper

    Ocean Jasper reminds us that life is full of constant ebbs and flows, just like the ocean's tides. It prompts us to go with the flow and not remain attached to any particular outcome or situation. Traditionally water has a calming, effect on most of us and this stone wants us to feel the peaceful, serene energy of the ocean. It encourages us to breathe slow and deep so we can approach any situation with a focused mind. Ocean Jasper aspires to relieve our stress and tension while uplifting feelings of relaxation reminding us we are safe and protected. A stone that instills happiness, Ocean Jasper inspires feelings of joy by aiding the release of negative emotions and thought patterns. Ocean Jasper wants us to cultivate a greater understanding of our self. By connecting to the Heart Chakra it encourages optimism and love. Its connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra embolden our personal power and inner strength, allowing us to reexamine past experiences and see them in a different light preparing us to heal those wounds and move forward. Ocean Jasper wants you to live life to your full potential and will offer its protection and encouragement along the way.