Ocos Geode Pendant with Tourmalinated Quartz and Black Spinel


This handcrafted design features and Ocos Geode Pendant alongside Healing Crystals of Tourmalinated Quartz and Black Spinel.  Ocos Geodes are found in Tres Pinheiros region of Brazi and are known for their hollow cavities filled with miniature crystals and their outer wisps of contrasting colors.  Each Ocos Agate will be unique, but be similar in size and color.  We added the pendant by creating a wire wrapped bail directly inside the cavity of the stone using Silver filled wire.  We attached it to two 1-1/4" sections of very fine Stainless Steel Chain.  Next we wir wrapped a faceted Tourmalinated Quartz coin bead surrounded by 2 Faceted Black Spinel rondelle beads on each end to the existing chain, along with an additional 5" of chain on the opposite ends.  We finished the necklace with a Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp closure.   As designed the necklace is 16" in length, but other lengths are available.  This necklace will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties


  • Healing Properties

    Ocos Geode

    Ocos Geode or Ocho Geodes are small geodes that range between ½” to 3” in diameter. They are found in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil and were formed in the vesicles of basalt flows that underlie parts of the region. Oco Geodes are known for their hollow core filled with miniature crystals and outer wisps of contrasting colors. Like most Agates, Ocos Geodes are very grounding and balancing stones. They harmonize our Yin Yang energy with their soothing and calming vibration. Their multiple layers of different mineral inclusions can help bring hidden information to light. They aid in self-acceptance and self-confidence and help us to overcome emotional trauma by healing our pent up anger, bitterness and resentment. They instill a sense of safety and security. In addition, Ocos Geodes are stones of triumph and success! They persuade us to fight for what we want and encourage us to trust ourselves and in the Universe’s plan that we can be successful. Their wispy patterns and markings encourage us to be free spirits, reminding us that conforming to societal pressures is inauthentic. Ocos Geodes inspire us to live in harmony with the Universe and that means being our true, authentic selves without fear of judgment.


    Tourmalinated Quartz

    Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful healing crystal that combines the energies of Quartz and Black Tourmaline. The Black Tourmaline serves as a protective shield from negativity, including physic vampires, electromagnetic pollution and other detrimental entities. The Quartz purifies and amplifies the energy of the Tourmaline resulting in a more balanced and grounded emotional state. This same energy can be equally as effective in diminishing the negative thoughts and patterns we have about ourselves as well. A harmonizing stone, Tourmalinated Quartz assists with balancing our Yin Yang energy, meridians, Chakras and other subtle energy bodies. Any shadow energies that may have had a hold on us will be dissipated along with patterns of self-sabotage. ​​​​​​​


    Black Spinel

    Spinel is found in a spectrum of different colors, including clear/colorless, black, blue, red, violet, green, brown, yellow, orange and pink. Its name is derived from the Latin word “spinella,” which translates to little thorn, which references the pointed octahedral shaped crystals that it forms. A stone of renewal, Spinel is a wonderful energy generator that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It offers encouragement and support during difficult times. Spinel brings out the positive aspects of our personality and helps us to be humble in our successes and encouraging during our difficulties. Spinel opens our Chakras and facilitates the rise of Kundalini energy from the base of our spine upward.