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Peach Moonstone, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Onyx and Hematite Healing Crystal Necklace handmade by Soul Sisters Designs

Peach Moonstone, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Onyx and Hematite Necklace


This handmade necklace features healing crystal beads of Peach Moonstone, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz in a matte finish, Hematite and Black Onyx in a matte finish (all 4mm, with the exception of the Hematite). The focal of the design is a Pewter Spiral Goddess pendant. The Spiral Goddess is symbolic of the regenerative, creative and life-giving energies of the universe. She is the keeper of wisdom and the spirit of both the Earth and the Heavens. Her spiral represents our endless potential, possibilities and room for personal growth we have available to us. Alongside her are beads of Peach Moonstone. Moonstone is ofter referred to as the "The Goddess Stone." It has a very soothing energy that calms our emotions, by releasing energy blockages that prevent us from being able to remain composed and balanced while we are experiencing emotional highs and lows and by encouraging us to accept our emotions as they come without dwelling on them or judging ourselves too harshly. Lepidolite is a stone of transition. It helps us release and alter old behavioral and psychological patterns in order to arouse our transformation. It encourages us to take charge of our lives independent of outside help to achieve our personal goals. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love! It has a soothing energy that increases empathy towards oneself and others. It helps improve our ability to forgive ourselves for our past indiscretions. It also gives us the strength and courage to forgive others for any wrongs they may have done to us. An excellent stone for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, Onyx wants us to focus on the important things in life. It fosters self-discipline and self-control facilitating our ability to manifest our greatest desires. Lastly, Silver electroplated Hematite triangle shaped beads were used as accent beads to ensure the Peach Moonstone, Lepidolite and Rose Quartz stand out. A very supportive stone for women, Hematite boosts self-esteem, invigorates willpower and radiates confidence, while removing self-imposed limitations and doubt. The beaded portion of the design measures 9". It was attached to 4-1/2" of fine Stainless-Steel Chain on each end, along with a lobster clasp closure. The overall length of the necklace is 18", but other lengths are available. It will be delivered on our signature necklace tag, in a custom handcrafted box.