Picture Jasper and Sodalite Ankle Bracelet with Elephant Charm

Picture Jasper and Sodalite Ankle Bracelet with Elephant Charm


This handcrafted ankle bracelet was made from healing crystal beads of Picture Jasper and Sodalite (4mm).   Strung on strong beading wire, we chose the Picture Jasper for its creative and inspirational energy, as each bead tells its own story as if it was written by ancient societies sharing their hidden knowledge.  The Sodalite was chosen to encourage self-expression, along with boosting our self-esteem enabling us to finally speak our truth.  To compliment the design, we chose to add the silver plated Pewter Elephant Charm.  Pewter does not tarnish making it a perfiect choice for summer weather.  The Elephant is strong, courageous and extremely loyal, yet very nuturing and gentle reminding us that we can be fierce when required, but loving and nurturing as well.  As designed this ankle bracelet measures 9", however chose from the sizing options to ensure a proper fit.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom hancrafted box. 

Anklet Length
  • Healing Properties

    Picture Jasper

    Picture Jasper encourages us to see the bigger picture.  By holding onto our negative emotions we sabotage our spiritual journey.  The drawings that appear on Picture Jasper are said to be from Mother Earth herself.  Each stone is a gift from Gaia revealing hidden knowledge and messages from long ago.  By examining these hidden message we learn of our past and with that, the ability to finally let it go.  Picture Jasper also wants us to express our own creativity.  Serving as inspiration and providing courage and strength, Picture Jasper assists in making our dreams into realities.  The stone also serves as a reminder the importance of fostering a greater understanding of all people and their distinct histories and unique cultures.  Forging a connection between of all of humanity is a path towards healing the planet and living in true harmony.



     Sodalite is a stone of self-expression and confidence.  It enhances our self-worth and self-esteem while encouraging us to live our truth through our words and actions.  Stimulating our Pineal Gland and Third Eye, Sodalite assists in enhancing our intuition.  For those of us that react emotionally, Sodalite tames those emotions and encourages us to remain focused using our logic and intuition during difficult times.  It is a stone of disciplined, rational thought and objectivity in verbal expression and will help release mental conditioning and rigid ideals making space for new insights to be practiced.  



    Elephant symbolizes and encourages strength, honor, stability and patience.  While they are one of the largest animals, they can also be one of the most nurturing and gentle.  However, they are fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect the ones they love.  The relationships they have with their young are very similar to humans.  They remind us that supporting and loving one another is the best way to foster growth.