Pink Coral, Hematite and Onyx Anklet with Arrowhead Charm


This handcrafted anklet features healing crystal beads of Pink Coral, Hematite and Black Onyx. Starting with the focal of the design, we chose an Arrowhead charm to remind us we our warriors capable of overcoming any challenge or obstacle we face. Alongside the charm are 4mm Heishi beads of Pink Coral (color enhanced). Coral radiates a inner peace and harmony. It is especially beneficial for group and team dynamics as it promotes diplomacy and encourages balance to ensure success. Next to the Pink Coral our 3.5mm Heishi beads of Hematite in charcoal gray with a matte finish. Hematite is often times overlooked, but has enormous healing energy that helps to keep us grounded, balance our emotions and deflect all negativity. In addition, it promotes self-esteem, willpower and confidence and helps rid us of any self-imposed limitations or doubt. After the Hematite are a trio of 4mm Black Onyx beads, also in a matte finish. Onyx promotes strength, willpower and stamina. It centers our energy and aligns us with our higher power to give us the confidence we need to persevere on our path. As designed the anklet measures 9", but other options are available. It will be delivered on our signature anklet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

Anklet Length
  • Coral

    Coral promotes diplomacy and harmony. It has a soft nurturing vibration that brings us peace. It helps to foster our imagination, creativity and visualization. Red Coral in particular is a very energetic stone that helps us accomplish our goals. Coral embraces a sense of community and platonic love and will help balance group dynamics to ensure success. It does deflect and absorb negative energy and can assist with feelings of depression.



    Hematite is extremely effective at keeping us grounded. When emotions run high or the stress of everyday life has you at your breaking point, use Hematite to balance these emotions and keep yourself grounded and focused on your goals. A very supportive stone for women, Hematite boosts self-esteem, invigorates willpower and radiates confidence, while removing self-imposed limitations and doubt. Hematite is a protective stone that eliminates negativity from our Aura returning us to a harmonious state. In addition, it stimulates our ability to concentrate and focus, heightens our memory and organizes our thoughts. Hematite helps us come to terms with our past mistakes and regrets persuading us to see them not as disasters, but as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.



    Onyx is a strength providing stone that is highly beneficial in difficult times involving physical or emotional stress. It centers our energy and aligns us with our higher power who gives us guidance and strength. Onyx wants us to be the master of our own destiny and it promotes the vigor, stamina and steadfast that we need on our journey. Onyx encourages us to learn from our past mistakes allowing us to develop confidence in our judgment and decision-making abilities. An excellent stone for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, Onyx wants us to focus on the important things in life. It fosters self-discipline and self-control facilitating our ability to manifest our greatest desires.



    Arrowheads fashioned out of bone and a variety of stones including, Jasper, Flint and Obsidian, have been discovered throughout the Americas by archeologists. Arrowheads were important weapons used on bow and arrows, spears and knives for both hunting, protection and battle. Arrowheads were worn around the neck by some Native Americans as a talisman symbolizing protection, courage and strength. They were believed to deflect negativity energy and protect against the Evil Eye. In addition, wearing an arrowhead is believed to embolden our sense of adventure.

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