Pink Zebra and Matte Picasso Jasper with Howlite and Compass Charm Double Wrap

Pink Zebra and Matte Picasso Jasper with Howlite and Compass Charm Double Wrap


This handcrafted design features healing crystal gemstone beads of Pink Zebra Jasper, Picasso Jasper in a matte finish and Howlite (6mm).  Pink Zebra Jasper has a distinctive color scheme of gray, black and pink.  Each bead displays a unique combination of colors and markings.  It is a stone of gentleness and relaxation that helps to keep us grounded by instilling feelings of safety and security.  Picasso Jasper in a matte gray finish compliments the Pink Zebra Jasper while offering an uplifting and optimistic energy.  Additionally, Picasso Jasper has its own distict markings in black and white that help to enhance our own creativity.  Lastly, we chose Howlite.  Howlite is connected to all 7 Chakras and attunes us to our spirituality.  Just like the two Jaspers, each bead is a unique representation of Howlite's white matrix and gray markings.  In the center of the design we added a Pewter Compass Charm.  The Compass depicts the four sacred directions which in turn represent the four Elements, evoking the importance of maintaining balance in our lives by harmonizing the Elemental forces within ourselves.  In addition, it serves as a reminder that our divine guides are always with us and to call upon them when we feel lost or confused on which direction to take while on our spiritual journey.  As designed this bracelet measures 14", but other sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties

    Pink Zebra Jasper

    As with all Jaspers, it is the stone of gentleness and relaxation. It offers emotional protection when dealing with sensitive issues. Pink Zebra Jasper has a calming, nurturing energy that promotes feelings of stability, safety and security. Pink Zebra Jasper is a very grounding stone and a wonderful stress reliever.



    Picasso Jasper

    Picasso Jasper wants us to celebrate life!  It brings optimism and uplifting energy our way.  It is a great stone for those looking to make a transformation in the relationship department.  It has strong grounding and calming quality that helps to encourage strength and self-discipline.  It assists us with creative blockages reminding us that the world is our canvas and it is okay to step out of our comfort zone.  In addition to assisting with relationships, Picasso Jasper also helps us attract like-minded people who will become trusted and loyal friends!



    Howlite exudes a calming vibration that helps eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger. By absorbing our anger, Howlite encourages us to overcome our selfish tendencies and limiting behaviors. Stilling our mind, Howlite emboldens reasonable communication and expression. Attuning us to the spiritual dimension, Howlite helps prepare us to receive and understand divine wisdom and insights. A newfound awareness to current and past life issues assists our understanding of our own patterns allowing for calm resolve to occur. Howlite is excellent for those suffering with insomnia and can be placed under the pillow or in a gem elixir sipped for an hour before bed.


    The Compass

    The compass has been used since the Qin dynasty in 200 BC. Originally crafted from magnetic Lodestones floating in water, they use the Earth’s natural magnetic pull to always show us which direction is north. The compass offers guidance when we are lost and further symbolizes wisdom and virtue. It illustrates the four sacred directions that are represented by the Four Elements, which in turn, correlate to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The compass reminds us to live in harmony and balance with each element within ourselves and with the elements found in nature.