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Pisces Healing Crystal Intention Set with Blue Lace Agate, Agatized Coral and Bloodstone by Soul Sisters Designs

Pisces Healing Crystal Intention Set


This Healing Crystal Intention Set includes one tumbled Blue Lace Agate, one tumbled Agatized Coral and one tumbled Bloodstone.    Each crystal is connected to the Zodiac Sign Pisces.  The crystals will look similar to those pictured above, but may vary in size, shape and color.  In addition to the three crystals, you will receive a fabric drawstring pouch with a Pisces symbol to carry your new crystals in!

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Lace Agate

    Blue Lace Agate its soft, calming vibration, Blue Lace Agate radiates a peaceful and tranquil energy. Blue Lace Agate supports us by dissolving our fear of failure or fear of being judged along with our old thought patterns and neutralizing the anger we have been holding onto inside. We become free to express ourselves openly and honestly and harness the inner peace that comes with that freedom as we feel our Throat Chakra open. Uniting our thoughts with our actions and our spirit, Blue Lace Agate purifies our soul and allows the peace we feel within to flow outward. along the way.

    Agatized Coral

    Agatized Coral, also known as Fossilized Coral, takes 20-30 million years of ocean life until its creation is complete. It begins when coral die off and their calcium carbonate skeleton is touched by the silica rich water. The skeleton begins to harden then “pseudo morphs” into Chalcedony, a form of Agate. In other words, one mineral replaces another while keeping the original skeleton's form in place. The end result is crystalized pieces of ancient coral captured in a stone! Agatized Coral is an emotional healer. It shows us the power love has to create change in our lives. It can help calm our irritabilities and encourage us seek and understand universal knowledge that has been lost throughout the ages. This is a perfect crystal for those of us recovering from physical or emotional trauma.


    Bloodstoneexcellent grounding and protective stone, Bloodstone reduces irritabilities, aggressiveness and impatience. It helps to calm our mind, remove confusion and enhance our decision-making abilities by protecting us from undesirable influences and negative energy. Ancient civilizations used Bloodstone for its detoxifying effects on the blood by grinding the stone to a fine powder. They also entrusted Bloodstone to heal exhaustion caused by impurities in the mind, body and spirit connection leaving one’s spirit enlivened and revitalized.

  • Shipping and Returns


    • All products are made to order to your specific size. We strive to have your order shipped within 0-3 days from time your order is placed.
    • We use the United States Postal Service for both domestic and international shipping
    • For Domestic orders we offer three shipping options: Standard, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
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    • If a package is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.



    Return Policy

    · We will happily refund your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way within 30 days from the purchase date. Refunds will be issued once the product is returned and received by Soul Sisters Designs. The buyer is responsible for return shipping expenses.

    · If a bracelet or necklace breaks, we will happily remake or repair the item free of charge for the first 90 days, as long as all the components to remake the design are returned. We reserve the right to recoup any expense incurred to remake the damaged product when returned without all the original components. The buyer is required to pay for outgoing shipping of the remade item.

    · If the product breaks as a result of our error or was damaged during production or shipping we will accept full responsibility and will issue a full refund or remake the piece. We do our best to ensure every product that leaves our door is handcrafted to perfection and do not expect to have any returns due to quality! Overall, our mission is to transform and uplift spirits while introducing the power of healing crystals to others and we promise to work with all of our customers to leave them satisfied!

    · Exchanges- We are happy to exchange any item ordered that don't fit perfectly! Buyer should ship the item needing the size adjustment to us at Soul Sisters Designs W156N11844 Pilgrim Road Germantown, WI 53022 and we will promptly remake the item to the correct size and ship it back. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses occurred.


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