Quartz, Gray Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Rose Quartz Bracelet with Lotus Charm

Quartz, Gray Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Rose Quartz Bracelet with Lotus Charm


This handmade design features healing crystal beads of clear Quartz, Gray Smoky Quartz, Hematite and Rose Quartz.  We strung the beads on prestretched elastic cord that measures approximately 7" in length as designed, however other sizes are available.  In between each trio of Gray Smoky Quartz (8mm) and Rose Quartz (8mm) we used tiny, silver electroplated Hematite squares (1mm) as a design element to highlight the shift in colors.  This design is full of good vibes as the master healer Quartz enhances the energy and vibration of the surrounding crystal beads.  Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love that heals our hearts and opens us to give and receive love.  Smoky Quartz is a very grounding stone by nature, but also very effective at removing negative energy, while simultaneously raising our vibration.  Hematite is also a great stone to help alleviate negativity, while also keeping us grounded.   This is the perfect energy combination for the dark days of winter on the horizon as we tend to feel the stress of the holidays and can become depressed when as the days become shorter and we miss out on the healing energy of the sun.  We completed this design with a tarnish resistant Pewter Lotus Charm.  This bracelet will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Crystals


    Quartz is the “Master Healer” and “Stone of Power!”  Quartz has a very high vibration that amplifies and purifies our energy and intentions.  It raises consciousness towards enlightenment and cleanses us on every level.  It is the most powerful healing stone in the crystal kingdom because of its unique helical spiral formation.  It's clarity is created from every color of the rainbow enabling it to assist us with any mental, spiritual and physical ailment that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves.  It also possesses the wonderful ability to amplify any other crystal it is near enhancing that crystal's energy and vibration!


    Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz is a form of Quartz crystal in either a brown or black transparent color.  It is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones in the crystal kingdom.  It has the unique ability to ground us, while simultaneously raising our vibration.  Warding off negativity, Smoky Quartz teaches us how to let go of all that doesn't serve us.  It replaces what we no longer need with positive energy to revitalize our spirit.   By continuing to promote positive thoughts and dissolving our fear of failure we begin to transform those thoughts into action. Ultimately, this transformation leads us towards living our dreams and passions and the life we deserve.  



    Hematite is extremely effective at keeping us grounded.  When emotions run high or the stress of everyday life has you at your breaking point, use Hematite to balance these emotions and keep you grounded and focused on your goals.  Hematite is a protective stone that eliminates negativity from our aura restoring harmony and balance.  Hematite also stimulates our ability to concentrate and focus, enhancing our memory and organizing our thoughts.   Promoting balance and harmony, Hematite helps us come to terms with our past mistakes and regrets.  It persuades us to see them not as disasters, but as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.


    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is known as "The stone of unconditional love."  It has a soothing energy that increases empathy towards oneself and others.  It helps improve our ability to forgive ourselves for our past indiscretions.  It also gives us the strength and courage to forgive others for any wrongs they may have done to us.  Rose Quartz reminds us that compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and others is essential to our growth.  Without them, we continue to carry too heavy of a burden that will weigh us down and hinder us on our journey towards enlightenment. Rose Quartz understands difficult this task can be and will assist by lowering stress and tension and dissipating the anger and jealousy we hold onto, promoting only loving, peaceful thoughts and actions.



    The lotus is a beautiful symbol of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The lotus grows in murky, muddy waters, yet it blossoms into a beautiful flower that appears to float above the water. Just as our lives can be murky, we too can be enlightened and rise above our worst moments in order to blossom and bloom until we reach our highest potential!