Silver Needle Agate Drop Earrings


This handcrafted design features healing crystal beads in a teardrop shape of Silver Needle Agate.  This variety of Agate has needle like inclusions that appear to be a white form of Chalcedony and are highly visible against the gray and black background of the Agate.  Each bead is a unique work of art from Mother Nature herself making each pair of earrings their own one of a kind masterpiece.  The teardrop beads are approximately 19mm in size.  We wire wrapped them using a silver plated Brass head pin then attached them directly to Titanium French Hook Ear Wires.  Titanium is the perfect ear wire for those with metal sensitivites as they are completely hypo-allergenic and naturally Nickle free.  They have a soft gray gunmetal finish and are known for their strength and durability despite their extremely light weight.  We think these are the perfect pair of everyday earrings!  Silver Needle Agate shares the same metaphysical properties of all other Agates with the addition of promoting a balance of Yin Yang energy to instill inner harmony and balance.  Silver Needle Agate also removes barriers, self-doubt and fear that have prevented us from truly expressing ourselves creatively.  This design will be delivered on our signature earrings tag in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties

    Silver Needle Agate

    Silver Needle Agate is a stone of strength and protection.  It provides us emotional security and inner harmony while encouraging us to be courageous and steadfast as we work through our problems and old wounds that we previously have struggled to heal from and release.  Silver Needle Agate balances our Yin Yang energy and instills a sense of harmony and balance.  Also known to instill confidence, Silver Needle Agate helps us remove the barriers, doubts  and fears that have stifled our creativity.