Sky Eye Jasper and Sunset Dumortierite Bracelet

Sky Eye Jasper and Sunset Dumortierite Bracelet


The latest bracelet in our Men's Collection was handcrafted using healing crystal beads of Sky Eye Jasper and Dumortierite (8mm).  We strung these beads on a prestretched elastic cord to about 8" in length.  We can adjust the size larger or smaller upon request.  Both the Sky Eye Jasper and Dumortierite are calming and nurturing stones by nature.  They encourage us to be patient with ourselves as we encounter the trials of tribulations of spritual growth and development.  They work to uplift us when things are at their worst, but encourage us to persevere because every challenge is an opportunity for growth.  This design will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box. 

  • Healing Properties

    Sky Eye Jasper

    Sky Eye Jasper is a form of Orbicular Jasper found in Mexico, named after its “eyes” or circular patterns found throughout the stone.  It is a very nurturing stone that can assist us during our most trying times.  It offers protection from negative energy helping us release pent up anger and disappointment.  It encourages us to be patient with ourselves as we release our emotional wounds. Understanding how daunting a task that can be, Sky Eye Jasper uplift our spirits enabling us to continue the process.  Once the work is done, Sky Eye Jasper emboldens a renewed passion for life.  As we begin to understand the challenges we encounter may seem formidable, the opportunities for personal growth will make them worth it in the end.



    Dumortierite is referred to as the “Stone of Patience.”  It carries a very soothing, calm, relaxing energy that assists in releasing stress and tension.  Dumortierite is a very supportive stone that can promote feelings of confidence encouraging us to stay true to and stand up for our beliefs.  It is associated with our communication center, the Throat Chakra, assisting us focus and organize our scattered thoughts into clear communication.   Dumortierite understands that our journey towards enlightenment doesn’t occur as quickly as we are hoping.  It encourages us to have patience with the natural order of the Universe, helping us accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and reminds us to keep on our path because it will come when we are ready to receive it.