Stick Coral Dangle Earrings

Stick Coral Dangle Earrings


These handmade dangle earrings feature healing crystal Stick Coral beads. Coral's composition is made up of 90% Calcium Carbonate, aka, Calcite. We created these light weight dangles from actual sticks of coral that once lived in the ocean. They are cream/off-white color and have been drilled in the center. Each bead's size and shape vary creating an eclectic mix of beads. We wire wrapped about an inch of Coral beads with Brass wire directly to 1-1/2" of Brass chain on each end. We finished the earrings with a French Style Hook Ear Wire. From the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the Coral measures approximately 2-1/2". This pair of earrings will be delivered on our signature earrings tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

  • Healing Properties


    Coral represents diplomacy and harmony. It has a soft nurturing vibration that brings us peace. It helps to foster our imagination, creativity and visualization. Red Coral in particular is a very energetic stone. It helps us accomplish our goals. Coral embraces a sense of community and platonic love and will help balance group dynamics to ensure success. It does deflect and absorb negative energy and can assist with feelings of depression.