Sunstone, Kiwi Jasper and Montana Agate Bracelet with Buddha Charm

Sunstone, Kiwi Jasper and Montana Agate Bracelet with Buddha Charm


This handcrafted bracelet is a crystal lover's dream bracelet!  It features healing crystals beads in Sunstone, Kiwi Jasper and Montana Agate, along with one of our new charm additions, Tierra Cast' silver plated Pewter (does not tarnish!) Buddha drop charm!  Sunstone and Kiwi Jasper encourage optimism, vitality and joy, while Montana Agate shares a more relaxed, chill vibe encouraging us to stay grounded.  This combination felt so powerful when we created this piece as we knew instantly we had to share this with others.  As designed, the bracelet measures 7", but other sizes are available.  It will be delivered on our signature bracelet tag, in a custom handcrafted box.

  • Healing Properties

    Sunstone has a beautiful energy that radiates upon us just like the sun.  It uplifts our spirit and brings joy to our hearts.  Sunstone brings clarity into any situation shining its light upon it and unveiling what was once hidden. Carrying a piece of Sunstone helps us improve our personal power.  It encourages us to be confident, optimistic and action orientated by motivating us to do our best.  Sunstone will help boost our motivation and give us the strength and vitality to carry on during our most difficult times. When dealing with negative people who seem to have hooked onto our energy, Sunstone helps dispel their energy-sucking hook freeing us to move freely without their attachment. 


    Kiwi Jasper

    Kiwi Jasper is a very nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress. Its energy helps us feel more relaxed and tranquil.  Kiwi Jasper’s unique composition has an alter ego that is also very uplifting. It helps to elevate our mood and lift our spirit as it attunes us to the Earth’s vibration.  Kiwi Jasper is extremely helpful for those suffering from an addictive or compulsive behavior by asserting the emotional strength and energy necessary to face the reality of their problems and begin the healing process towards recovery.  Spiritually, Kiwi Jasper aids in cleansing, aligning and balancing the Chakras.  Its ability to absorb negative energies allows only positive light to shine upon our aura. 


    Montana Agate

    Montana Agate is a form of Chalcedony found only in a small region of Yellowstone Park in Montana.  It radiates a calm and peaceful energy that encourages us to stay present in the moment.  Montana Agate inspires perseverance and stability during our most challenging times.  It has a very strong connection to the plant kingdom and reminds us to stay grounded as we go through our own personal growth.  It opens and aligns all of our Chakras emboldening a higher level of consciousness.



    Buddha is the term commonly used to refer to Siddhartha Gautama, the man whose path to enlightenment created what is generally referred to as Buddhism. The literal meaning of Buddha "awakened" or "on who has become aware". In Buddhism a Buddha is any being that has become fully enlightened having overcome all emotional states such as anger, jealousy, greed and ignorance. Once one is liberated from the endless cycle of birth, suffering and death they are said to achieve Nirvana.