Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set

Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set


This Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set comes with three healing crystals aligned with the Throat Chakra to help cleanse and open the Throat Chakra.  You will receive one piece of Blue Calcite in its natural form, one tumbled Blue Chalcedony and one tumbled Sodalite stone.  The stones range in size from 1-2".  In addition to the three healing crystals, you will also receive a drawstring pouch with the Throat Chakra symbol permanently adhered with heat transfer vinyl.  

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Calcite

    BlueCalcite is a gentle stone that invokes a calm, serene energy. It assists to lessen our anxieties and relax our frayed nerves. Aligned with our Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite encourages us to communicate in a peaceful, clear tone. Working as a sedative, Blue Calcite supports us when experiencing the death of a loved one or any other severe emotional trauma. In addition to being aligned with the Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite also aligns with our Third Eye. It helps to activate our intuitive side providing deeper insight and clarity on issues that have been affecting us. In addition, it helps to improve our memory and our ability to focus on and retain new information. Overall, Blue Calcite promotes an optimistic outlook on life as we begin to see the perfection of the Universe!


    Chalcedony radiates its nurturing vibration instilling a feeling of comfort and contentment to those it touches. Chalcedony is very creative stone, opening the mind towards acceptance of new ideals and situations. It is known to improve our mental flexibility and verbal dexterity making us better listeners and communicators. This is especially beneficial in teams where a brotherhood/sisterhood mentality is crucial. Chalcedony, especially blue Chalcedony, is an excellent Throat Chakra stone. It works to absorb all negative thoughts and emotions we currently feel and replaces them with an optimistic, upbeat outlook. Because our thoughts dictate our actions and the impending result use Chalcedony when you are feeling blue and transform your melancholy into joy!



    Sodalite is a stone of self-expression and confidence. It enhances our self-worth and self-esteem while encouraging us to live our truth through our words and actions by opening our Throat Chakra. Stimulating our Pineal Gland and Third Eye, Sodalite assists in heightening our intuition and promoting focused, rational thoughts. For those of us that tend to react emotionally, Sodalite tames our impulsive emotions by encouraging us to use logic, rational thoughts alongside our intuition. Sodalite helps us release our fears, insecurities, phobias and guilt that have been holding us back from reaching our full potential. Returning us to a sense of balance healed from our past emotional wounds and trauma, Sodalite invigorates our spirit, self-esteem and self-acceptance.