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Creating a Crystal Grid

Seed of Life Healing Crystal Grid Template by Soul Sisters Designs

Crystal Grid Layout using The Seed of Life

What is the Seed of Life?

As a beautiful metaphor for consciousness, a seed represents the divine design within

all things. In Sacred Geometry, the seven spheres in the Seed of Life (8 spheres in 3D

model) represent the beginning of everything and is the universal symbol of creation.

When the pattern is continued, it is possible to find the building blocks of all creation.

Within this seed of life grid is the energy of creation! This energy, combined with the energy of crystals and stones is a powerful tool for healing and manifesting.

Feeling the energy of your crystals

To begin, it is best to start by clearing your mind and grounding yourself with a simple meditation

or breath work. When you feel ready, pick up one of your crystals and hold it in your hand.

Try to notice any changes you feel physically such as warmth, coldness or a subtle vibration. Notice how that energy makes you feel. Do you feel taller, shorter, grounded to the earth or floating in the sky? Are you smiling, feeling sad, anxious, calm? There is no right or wrong way to feel. If you feel nothing, stop trying so hard and just relax! What you feel is probably more subtle and may take time and practice to fully recognize. Everyone senses energy in their own way so be patient and kind to yourself in the meantime.

Crystal Selection

Think of a specific reason or intention you have for creating your grid. Then pick a crystal or stone that you would like to use as your anchor stone, the crystal or stone that will go in the center of your grid. You can choose stones that complement the intention you set or ones that compliment the energy of your anchor stone to serve as your supporting stones on the grid. For example, you might want to combine the protection quality of smoky quartz with the love of rose quartz if your intention is to invite safe loving relationships into your heart. Supporting crystals and stones should be chosen in groups of 6.

Basic 7 and 13 Stone Grid

Looking at the Seed of Life pattern, notice the places where the circles intersect.

These are good places to position your crystals or stones on the grid. Place one stone (anchor

stone) in the center and then six supporting crystals or stones on the intersections of the inner

circles. If you’d like, you can add another 6 supporting stones to the outer intersection points of the grid. Once you have set the crystals or stones in place, take time to place your hands over the grid and notice the energy you’ve created! You might get the sensation of energy expanding into the room or feel that the energy of the crystals and stones you laid out has become stronger.

Seed of Life Grid Numbered for Healing Crystal Placement by Soul Sisters Designs

Activating your Grid with a wand

Once you have arranged the crystals or stones on your grid, you will want to activate your grid with a crystal wand or crystal point, such as a Selenite or Jasper wand or a Quartz point. Any wand or point you choose will work! Place the point of your wand or crystal over the center stone. Now think of the intention for your grid you chose earlier and hold that in your heart. When you are ready, simply follow the line to the outside of the grid, moving clockwise to the next line, and then back to the center. Continue this way until you have activated all the crystals or stones and are back to the center or anchor stone. You have now activated your grid with your intention! The crystals and stones will vibrate the energies needed to help you manifest that intention, while the sacred geometric Seed of Life will amplify their efforts!

Cleaning and caring for your stones

Most crystals and stones ,except a few, have a tendency to absorb energies and will need to be cleared or cleansed from time to time. Consider cleaning them after each use if you are using them for healing or before you set up a new grid. Setting your crystals or stones outside in the bright during a full moon, or placing them in a glass bowl with dead sea salt under the direct flow of a gentle stream of water until the salt is dissolved are examples of great ways to cleanse your stones. It is a good ideal to check your favorite healing crystal book for the best way to cleanse and clear each type of crystal before exposing them to outdoor elements or water just to make sure they will not be damaged. When you are not working with your crystals and stones store them in a safe place like the cloth pouch that comes with our crystal grid kit or even bead storage boxes. This will prevent them from picking up negative energy and protect them from damage. Check out our blog post on 7 ways to cleanse your crystals here.

Sandy and Nicole

Soul Sisters Designs


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