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New Moon=New Beginning

Healing crystal Grid to Manifest Abundance and Prosperity by Soul Sisters Designs

The lunar cycle starts anew tonight with the New Moon on the Eve of Halloween! This New Moon brings with it powerful lunar energy that encourages all of us to set our intention for the coming days. In order to discover exactly what we would like to manifest, we must first go dark just like our sister moon. Turn off your phone, computer and television and take some time to yourself to contemplate not just what you think you want, but what you truly believe you deserve.

We have to have confidence that we can manifest our intentions. The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings and we need to block out the distractions of everyday life and go deep within to see what barriers we are putting between us and our dreams. Just setting an intention without having the utmost faith it can be manifested is not enough. What fears are holding us back? Are you planting seeds of doubt, failure, disappointment or impossibility while you also plant the seed of what you would like to manifest? These little nagging doubts are exactly what is preventing us from seeing our intentions manifested. If you let these negative and protective thoughts fester they will grow like weeds and overrun the good seeds from sprouting and growing just as they do in your garden. We cannot just say this is our intention and expect it to be reality if we self-sabotage our success by letting cracks of doubt creep in. Believe in yourself 100%. Believe you deserve everything in this life. Believe you too can be happy at whatever in life calls you. Don't worry about not manifesting everything quickly. Don't let fear of disappointment change your focus. We may fail today and tomorrow and even the next day, but by letting our ego protect us from failure we tell the universe we didn't want it that bad.

Just as in the book, The Alchemist, the universe will give you signs you're on the right path. Live in the present moment focused on nothing else but what is happening now and you won't miss them. After receiving our signs, comes the tricky part when the universe will test our will. Obstacles will be thrown to distract us. Failures will occur. Nothing worthwhile is easy the Universe reminds us. Hard work, perseverance and sheer willpower and determination will be necessary. Living our dream life and manifesting our deepest desires is possible, but before we are ready for it, we have to know ourselves on a deeper level. We can't fix the little things holding us back if we are not aware they exist or aren't willing to work on them. It's on these dark nights that we must also go dark so tomorrow we begin the new lunar cycle with a little more light to shine upon our intentions just as the moon will shine a little more light on the nights sky. By healing the negative thoughts and patterns that continue to hold us back, I believe every one of us can heal ourselves, start to trust we are more than enough to achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to and finally believe in our ability to fulfill our dreams. It all starts by nurturing ourselves with patience, loving kindness and an understanding that we can make the small changes necessary to reach our fullest potential and live this life as our highest self.

This blog was originally supposed to be about setting a grid for the New Moon cycle to manifest abundance, good fortune and prosperity which you can see referenced in the picture above. I was ready to explain why I picked each crsytal, what my goals were, ect. However, when I was contemplating my own personal journey and what I really visualized my life looking like, I realized that I don't fully believe in my ability to manifest my intention. I started to use the blog post as a journaling experience and came to the conclusion I wrote above. I am overjoyed that I had this experience because awareness is key to everything in life. I am now aware that I may be self-sabotaging myself by letting doubt creep in. I do plant seeds of failure in my mind as a way to protect myself if things don't work out. I did this very same thing last night at dinner. I made two different kinds of stock yesterday, but made them hastier than I normally would. Instead of letting everyone eat the soup and provide their feedback, I started the meal with an excuse for why it may not be as great as it has in the past. I planted a seed of doubt to protect myself or my ego if my family and dinner guest didn't enjoy it. It's little things like this that we do to ourselves to protect ourselves, but they don't really protect us because our true self shed of it's ego knows the truth and so does the universe.

I am going to take this newfound awareness and I am going to change my own thought patterns. I am going to believe in myself, my talents, my abilities and my desire to manifest my intentions. Six months from now the lunar cycle for this New Moon in Scorpio will conclude and I will reference this blog post and I am confident that post will demonstrate that I did the work on myself necessary to achieve what I set out to. Time will tell how bad I really wanted it and how much work I was willing to put in to making it happen! I hope each of you can do the very same thing and little by little we will change ourselves and that will be a great step in changing the world for the better!


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