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How to Cleanse your Crystals

7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs

Why we Cleanse our Crystals

Crystals naturally absorb energy from us, those around us and the overall environment in which they live. This abundance of energy can overwhelm our crystal friends and needs to be cleared from time to time, just as a musician tunes his guitar and a mechanic changes the oil in your car. Without tuning the guitar, it still works, but may not sound it's best and a car without an oil change may still run, but it runs a little rougher adding more wear and tear on the engine. The same concept applies to our crystals. There are many different methods you can use to cleanse your crystals. We have already discussed in length, Full Moon cleansing, in another post, but here are 6 additional ways your can energetically cleanse your babies!


Hold your crystal under cool, running water and imagine the energy that crystal absorbed being cleansed from within it's core down the drain. Keep the crystal under the water for as long as your intuition guides you. Please note, there are some crystals that are water soluble making this method unsuitable for them. Azurite, Halite and Selenite are water soluble and could dissolve with prolonged water exposure. Additionally, use caution on any crystal that is porous since water can seep into the pores and potentially cause damage if not dried in a reasonable time.

Lotus flower


The powerful energy radiated from the sun can be used to cleanse and charge crystals! You can place your crystals on a table or in a dish and leave them out to bask in the sunlight. The sun's energy will cleanse out the stagnant energy of that crystal and also give it a wonderful charge. Please note, there are a few crystals that could fade with prolonged sun exposure, including Amethyst, Fluorite, Celestite and Turquoise. Additional precautions should be observed when placing Quartz crystals out in the sun since the refracted light could be a potential fire starter!


Bury your crystals in the earth, sand, your garden or a potted plant around the time of a full moon and leave them buried overnight, or if so inclined, until the next new moon. The Earth's energy will cleanse your crystals and re-tune them to their natural frequency. Both Nicole and I have experience with burying our crystals that didn't work out as intended. While taking a course in Shamanism, we were instructed to bury the crystals we used in class until the next session a couple weeks later. We each buried the crystals we had brought to class completely the relatively simple assignment, however, the results were not as we intended. Nicole buried her crystals a couple steps away from her back patio. She looked and looked and looked for the crystals she buried tirelessly digging hole after hole, but never was able to find them. I buried my crystals in a ceramic pot of dirt that had been sitting on my deck. I figured I cannot possibly lose them if they are in a pot, on a deck that is right outside of my kitchen. I neglected to inform my husband that I had chosen that location . Unbeknownst to him, he took the ceramic pot of dirt and threw it into our compost bin. When I went to retrieve my crystals I went straight for the ceramic pot I had used. I was surprised to see something was planted in it that was not there when I buried my crystals. I asked my husband and he informed me that I will not see my little friends for the next two years or so when the compost finishes its cycle in our ginormous worm bin! The moral of the story- Place a popsicle stick or marker of some sort above the burial spot and tell your husband if you chose this method!!!

Sun shining through a forest


Since ancient times smoke has been used as a way to cleanse and purify a space, person or object. Some ancient tribes believe the smoke was the soul of the plant. Burning these sacred plants today is a way to feel connected to Mother Earth and our Ancestors. As the soul of the plant burns it is believed the smoke, just like fire, is taking away what no longer serves us and purifying us from all the negative, built up energy and disappointment so that we can start a new beginning. The combination of sacred herbs, flowers and resins used in traditional smoke ceremonies can also be used to purify and cleanse your crystals! Start by burning your sage, incense or resin until it starts smoking. Wave the stick or bundle over your crystals while visualizing the soul of the plant lifting all the abundant energy out of our crystals and drifting it far away from your sacred space.


Sound has a vibration like all other things. Cleansing your crystals with sound is great way to tune their vibration by releasing the pent up energy it has stored. Sound cleansing can be done by a using a Tibetan Bowl, Crystal Bowl or Tibetan Bells. You could also chant, drum or play a harmonic flute over your crystals to cleanse them of old energy and connect them back to the vibration they resonate with most.

Sound Healing with Drum and Cymbal

Using other Crystals

There are some crystals that have the ability to cleanse other crystals of their unwanted energies. Amethyst, Selenite, Citrine, Carnelian and geodes are examples of crystals that can cleanse other crystals. This simple method only requires you to take the crystals that needs cleansing and place it inside the geode or on top of the other crystals listed for a period of time that you feel is sufficient in removing the built up energy of that crystal.

When to Cleanse

We are often asked how one is supposed to know it is time for a crystal to be cleansed. The best answer we can give is to trust your gut! Your energy doesn't lie. If you have worked with a particular crystal a lot of even have not worked with it for awhile, then it is best to cleanse that crystal before working with it again. Intuitively you may feel that the crystal is not as powerful as it was before or you may feel you have dumped to much of your own adverse energy onto the crystal. Whatever it may be, trust your intuition and cleanse them as you see fit. If I had a crystal in a dish in my living room for awhile, I would most definitely want to cleanse that crystal before I program a new intention into it. I know that in my home, the living room can be a fun place, but also because it is in the center of my home, it is also a place that gets a little bit of all the energy good and bad! Just like we take a shower everyday to cleanse our bodies, your crystals will appreciate the attention and time you take to cleanse them. This in turn will help them radiate their highest vibration to help you on your journey of self-discovery!


If you have any questions regarding crystal cleansing please don't hesitate to ask! We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident while working with their crystals and realize the overload of information can be intimidating and sometimes contradictory. Remember the most important thing is to always TRUST YOUR GUT, because energy doesn't lie!!!



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