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The Four Elements of the Zodiac

The Four Elements of the Zodiac by Soul Sisters Designs

The Four Elements

The Zodiac was conceived around 50 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. It was a time when humans understood their intrinsic connection to nature with no separation between the two. They drew upon the qualities of the world in which they lived to cultivate an understanding of their own existence and place in this world. They saw humanity and nature as part of one continuum that could not be separated. This is what led them to subdivide the twelve signs of the Zodiac into four distinct groups of elements. Each Element is part of the natural order of the universe and necessary to achieve balance. For each element, they assigned three Zodiac signs which they observed shared similar qualities and characteristics with the Element. The four Elements include Earth Element, Air Element, Water Element and Fire Element.

Each of these four elements represents a different temperament and personality that naturally describes that element. For example, Water makes us think of the ocean tides and the changing emotions we feel, while Fire makes us think of heat, passion and a fiery temper. Associating the elements with personality traits of the Zodiac signs helps us understand them in a more practical, logical way. It is a simple connection that we may have complicated through the years, but drawing on our own experiences with nature, the changing seasons and the elements that surround us, we begin to understand the relationship between our own existence and the natural world we share it with.

We all strive to achieve harmony and balance within our own lives. We can accomplish this by balancing out the elemental forces that naturally lie within. If we are feeling too emotional we may have traits of the Water Element, even though we are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, that are excessive and need energy from the Air Element to shift our emotions back to a neutral, more rational state. By understanding the relationship between the Four Elements and our own personalities we more easily detect what we have an abundance of and where we may be lacking enabling us to achieve a harmonious balanced state.


Earth Element

The Earth Element includes the Zodiac Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. When we think of the Earth, we immediately connect its energy to feeling grounded. We use the phrase, "down to earth" to describe someone's personality. There are numerous grounding exercises that we practice when we need focus. We visualize ourselves as a tree with roots growing deeply into the core of the earth keeping us connected to the physical plane while feeling balanced. The characteristics of the Earth signs are stable and practical people. In nature, every species has a purpose in the circle of life. They continue to evolve in order to survive and adapt to the changing environment around them. This practical approach is prominent in the Earth signs. In order to ensure their environment remains secure, Earth signs become self-sufficient, depending only on themselves and the resources available to them. Earth element people tend to be our most trustworthy, dependable friends and our hardest working coworkers.

Qualities and Characteristics of the Earth Element

Fire Element

The Fire Element includes the Zodiac Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. When we think of Fire we think of passion or we describe a person with a fiery, determined spirit. Fire is what destroys in order to make room for something new. During Full Moon rituals it is common for a person to write down whatever is no longer serving them in their lives then burn that paper in the fire with the intention to release it in order to make room for something new. When we hear in the news about wildfires they often describe the fire changing course in an unpredictable fashion. Fire sign people are adventurous and take initiative. They have outgoing personalities and tend to be creative and inspiring. They display confidence and do things they are passionate about. They tend to act impulsively and enjoy exploring new places and ideals. They don't get stuck on just one thing and can easily let things go. Fire signs are always moving onto a new, innovative way of thinking and doing.

Qualities and Characteristics of the Fire Element


Water Element

The Water Element includes the Zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water has the unique property of being a liquid like the water we drink, solid like an iceberg and can evaporate into the atmosphere to create clouds. Water is an essential part of all existence and makes up a large portion of not only our planet, but of our bodies. It is found everywhere and in everything. Water is used in rituals to cleanse crystals of the energy they have absorbed on our behalf, as well as cleanse our bodies from the inside and out. It can be refreshing to take a drink of water on a hot summer day or it can be mysterious like the deepest ocean waters that are near impossible to explore. Water sign people are sensitive and emotional beings. They are inward thinkers, yet demonstrate a vast perception of the world. They are in tune with their intuition allowing them to find a connection and relate to many different groups of people. They are empathetic and caring individuals who can be extremely sensitive to the energy of others. Their emotions can change like the tides which can be overwhelming to those who are not of this element.

Qualities and Characteristics of the Water Element

Air Element

The Air Element includes the Zodiac Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air is the most essential element that is necessary to the existence of water, earth and fire. It is the one element we cannot touch or see, but we know it is there. We can try to contain it like blowing up a balloon, but for some reason it will not be contained for long as it becomes stale and disappears. We use air in our rituals to waif the smoke from our smudge sticks as we cleanse our space of stagnant energy. Air signs are our most intellectual thinkers. They see things clearly that others may have missed making them excellent problem solvers and some of our most intelligent minds. They are logical and precise and have the ability to discern between different ideals and concepts that others simply cannot. They can be unpredictable just as strong winds can create violent storms. People with Air qualities look at things through a higher perspective that is not accessible to Fire or Water or Earth. It is here where their intellects get to work as they unravel the mysteries and complex problems that have stumped others. They have great ideals that are thought out logically. Air signs are effective communicators able to express these ideals and opinions with others quite easily. Their lack of outward emotion can lead others to believe they are cold, but it is just their personality to look at things logically instead of emotionally.

Qualities and Characteristics of the Air Element



I sincerely hope this post helps you understand not only the Four Elements of the Zodiac, but the interconnectedness of it all. To see how we are everything that is around us is a simple concept, yet such a profound way of looking at the world. This knowledge can help us understand not only ourselves, but our friends, spouse or children on a deeper level. Being aware of the intrinsic connection between human existence and nature strengthens our relationship to all sentient beings and makes us more compassionate, loving individuals. It elevates our vibration and enables us to see the world from a higher level of consciousness. Achieving harmony by balancing the elemental forces within ourselves is an essential part of our journey of self-discovery towards enlightenment.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to post them in the comment section or send us an email at Don't forget to check out our new Element Collection featuring designs and tumbled stone sets for each of the Four Elements to help you find balance within.


Sandy and Nicole

Soul Sisters Designs


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